Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My childhood dreams were fulfilled last week.

When I was about 6 or so, my grandparents(on my dad's side)  LOVED to travel. They were the little old couple that traveled the country. They went to where highways end, they went to where 4 states touch (and  my Grammy put each foot in a different state and each hand in the remaining two!), what made me the absolute MOST jealous was when they went to Babyland General Hospital.

I grew up in the hayday of Cabbage Patch kids. When I was in Kindergarten that is ALL I wanted for Christmas. With it being the early 80's they were all sold out.

My mom bought me a "Special Kid" (knock off Cabbage Patch kid)  I cried.  Seriously.  I boo-hoo'd. Then my Poppy walked in with a package. My mom told him that she couldn't find me one.  HE DROVE TO CANADA TO GET ME ONE.  The adoption certificate was in French.  He was pretty much the most amazing man. I wish my kids could have had a chance to meet him. So, my grandparents going there and showing me pictures made me super jealous.

The other month I just happened to think about it and realized it was in Georgia. I mapquested and saw that it would be a touch out of the way, but I could swing by there on the way back from Missouri.

I did.

I went.

My camera battery died, but I managed to get some pictures with my phone. Not the greatest, but it works!  On the way there, I was going through some twisty turny roads and found an AMAZING pumpkin patch!  It was so organized.  My OCD heart loved it.

These were GIANT.

I finally made it to Babyland General.  It is a HUGE house that the employees told me it was built specifically for this purpose.  Babyland used to be in an old hospital.  This is a relatively new building.

These cabbages are GIANT.

 Yep.  Totally grabbed a random man with his wife and had him take my picture.  His wife made him sit next. He was such a  good sport!
Babyland General isn't huge.  The building is large. The land is giant. The "museum" part isn't that big. They have a few rooms with dolls in it.  You can grab any of them and buy them.  The inside of the building has the baby powder smell of the dolls!  It was AMAZING. 

THEN.. .they have dolls like this behind glass. 

Yes, you read that right....$15,000.  INSANE.

This box is toddler size.  I wish I had V with me!

Apparently Andy Warhol did Cabbage Patch paintings!

 She creeped me out.  A lot.

Outfits out the wazoo in the shopping area!

I tried to get a video of this, but randomly the dolls would move up and down and twirl.  It was awesome.

I was able to see a birth while I was there. Pretty punny!

This was the baby that was born.  I think the nurse was pretty surprised when she had to give the baby the last name of Slaughter. 

I found this one.  BE STILL MY HEART.  It is V in doll form.  She has no clue I purchased this. It is going to be a birthday or Christmas gift.  I haven't decided which yet. She was named Delores Faye. I changed her name to match Veronica and gave her V's birthday as well.  

I probably spent more than I should have ($69) BUT it is a Babyland General exclusive. These dolls are larger than the regular dolls and you get to name them! They said it was $3 to change the name and birthdate, but they didn't charge me.


I went with the purpose of checking it out to see if I would ever take V. It is about 3.5 hours from Charlotte. I think if I lived closer I would take her.  They even have a party room. I would probably have parties there.  Unless she goes CRAZY over the dolls, I probably won't be back.  If you have a Cabbage Patch addict, I would go.  It was cute and I am happy I went.


  1. What a fun stop! I had no idea this was in GA! I also got a French Cabbage Patch Doll and she had my birthday!! I bought her on a French class trip to Quebec and Montreal and it was just a cool coincidence that she had my bday.

    1. I tried SO hard to find one with V's birthday at the store. I couldn't, but it gave me more reason to buy the one where you could change the name!

  2. Can you believe I still have 1 of the 3 Cabbage Patch dolls I ever had AND I know the names of them! Aviline Aprilett, Barnaby Bart (this one I have), Marcela Roseline! Yup, I won my first one at my elementary school's auction and another my mother actually fought another woman in the Bronx for it, lol! Those were the good 'ol days.

    1. LOL! That is amazing. I still have mine as well. I gave V my Cabbage Patch horse. The rest are still in a box until she is older. I also, kind of, don't want to share them.