Thursday, October 23, 2014

So yeah, I got locked in a Superman museum. (I am guessing that Lex Luthor did it)

I have been SOOO silent lately, but for a good reason. If you aren't aware, I own a small business BumbleFly~N~ButterBees. I typically just do shows around where I live and MAYBE go about 3 hours.

I decided to drive to Missouri for a Junior League show.  It was AWESOME.  The trip out was insane, the show fantastic, and then...I found Metropolis.

I was driving down the road and saw a TINY sign that said "Huge Superman Statue just off the exit".  I flew off the exit ramp, called my friend, and said I was running late.  Apparently "right off the exit" equals 3 miles in Illinois measuring.  

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HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!  It was HUGE. They even have a metal frame that you can walk around on to take a picture.  Selfies with the man of steel are still tricky though.

I snapped the picture and headed to the gift shop/museum.

 When you first walk in on the right, it is just the gift shop part.  TONS AND TONS of items. I asked the guy if the museum was worth the $5, of course he said yes.  I paid my $5 and he told me that I could use my camera.  There were about 8 others in the shop, we all left, I grabbed my camera, and I went back in.  It was just me and the employee.

Get ready for an onslaught of photos.  The museum was fantastic! 

original typewriters used in the show as well as in Dragnet.

The backpack containing the material used to make the outfit.

No clue why this shocks me, but the hair was a WIG!

It looks so real!

Cape worn by Christopher Reeves

Actual props from the movie

Supergirl outfit and harness. She did most of her own stunts!

I never watched Lois and Clark, but these made me chuckle.

Original phone booth
This next picture is rather interesting.  It is a flying pan.  After the pan BROKE and the actor fell SIXTEEN FEET they invented bluescreen.

Head casting for the huge statue outside.

 There was a huge section of just merchandise.  Is it just me, or does that look like Jay from "Jay and Silent Bob"?


I want a giant Superman watch.

Awesome lithographs.

I did NOT touch it.

So, I silently walked around the museum.  I was back for about 30-45 minutes and came back out.  I figured I would buy a magnet,because unless you live there, how often are you in Metropolis?  I grabbed the magnet and tried to find the employee.  

His laptop was there.

He was not.

I peeked my head in the backroom and yelled. No one was there. It was then that I said screw it, and put the magnet back. It had been about 5 minutes and I wasn't waiting any longer.

I went to the front door and saw it locked.  There was a deadbolt and a handle lock.  JUST the handle was locked, but I knew for a fact that there was an alarm system.  It chimed when I walked in. Now the question was "Was I about to set off an alarm?"

Commence panic.

There were INSANELY expensive items in there.  If I set off the alarm, would they think I was trying to steal stuff?  They have TONS of cameras in the museum. Apparently the employee doesn't watch them.

I went back to the back, yelled again...nothing. Checked all the aisles. He was no where.

I held my breath, unlocked the door, and opened it.  The door chimed, but no siren.  I am willing to bet the employee went to go use the bathroom and forgot I was in there, but I like to think that Lex Luthor did it and I thwarted his dastardly plans!



  1. OMG all the cool stuff happens to you! I call shotgun on the next road trip!!

  2. Will you hate me forever if I tell you I don't know ANYTHING about super heroes? Maybe a tiny bit about Superman, but really not much. I love looking at your pics though!

    1. WOW! You need to go watch some Superman! I am not big into a lot of the non-mainstream heroes, but I have seen all the Supermans! I will give you a pass THIS time. ;)lol

  3. My husband would be in heaven here. And I'm shocked that they used wigs too because Christopher Reeves had such a naturally great head of hair from what I've seen in personal photos of him. I wonder if Henry wore a wig in the last Superman movie?

  4. From a fellow boy mom.. I am so not as a cool as you, because I don't think I would be nearly as excited for this! haha However, it looks like a little boys DREAM!