Friday, October 31, 2014

Want an inexpensive place to take your kids that has something for everyone? Better Believe It! Read on!

When a Cici's Pizza opened near us years ago we were in HEAVEN.  Being in a large family, going out to eat can get expensive. Many times, you can't even agree on a place to go. One thing my family all agrees on is pizza.

Cici's Pizza is FANTASTIC.  Little bit of background info:  Cici's Pizza has been in business since 1985.  They currently have over 500 locations, in 32 states.  All their dough is made fresh daily from scratch.  Know what this means?  If you call up and say "Shoot!  I need 100 pizzas TODAY!" They got you covered.  Since the dough is fresh, they don't have to wait for it to thaw. They just make more.  The dough recipe has never changed. Ever. They have two types of dough: regular and deep dish.  The deep dish is used to make the deep dish pizzas, the cinnamon rolls, and the cheesy bread. The regular is used for the rest.

The cheese is 100% mozzarella that is shredded in house as well.You can get a buffet of pizza, salad, pasta, and dessert for the low price of $5.69/person.  (Drink additional) 

With all that being said, Cici's Pizza is changing things up starting November 2nd. I got invited to see all the new happenings, and they were delicious.  (Sorry for making you hungry in about 5 seconds)

They pretty much won V over first thing in the morning with the cinnamon rolls.

I mentioned changes earlier.  The dough is staying the same, but the pizzas are getting larger and with more toppings!  Let's compare a pepperoni pizza.

On the right is the old style.  It is 12" and it has about 4oz of cheese.  There are 20 slices of pepperoni.  On the left is the new and improved pizza!  It is 14", double the cheese, and about 38 pepperonis!  It just looks better,you know?  Also-do you spy what is above them?  CHEESE BREAD IS BACK!  They did away with it a while ago and replaced it with bread sticks.  It is back and I AM THIS EXCITED.  It might be my favorite thing there. I could eat an entire pan.

The cheese pizza now has almost triple the amount of cheese. TRIPLE.  Check out the cheese pull on this.  A large pizza now has HALF A POUND of cheese on it.

Larger pizza = more toppings. Check out this veggie they made for us!  They really are piling on the toppings!  Before and after cooking shots, obviously.

Not only did the pizza get a revamp,so did the salad bar.  There are up to 18 toppings now on each bar! 

 Cici's Pizza has amazing desserts. V's favorite was the brownies.  I enjoy the dessert pizzas.  They have a Bavarian one now, I am still a fan of the apple one.  Gotta get your fruit serving in! lol

 Cici's is very accommodating. If you go there and want one of their "special" topping pizzas and it isn't on the buffet at the time, they will make you an individual one!  This is a kids favorite.  Mac and cheese pizza. They have 28 different types to choose from!  When V and I went, we made our own half and half pizza.  Half cheese for her, half veggie for me.

One other thing I had NO clue about was the chicken wings.  These are NOT included in the buffet, but oh my gosh.  You need to try them.  They have Hot & Mild Buffalo, BBQ & Garlic Parmesan.  Try the award winning Garlic Parmesan. Seriously.  Do it. Do it now.

Overall, I have to say that it was an amazing morning.  The new pizzas are fantastic, the wings, CRAZY good, and everything is V approved!  What more can you ask for!

 So, are you going to head out after November 2nd when it launches everywhere and check it out? I know I am!

Cici's Pizza invited me out for a morning of pizza, dessert, and all around fun. All the opinions and pictures, (and stuffed tummy) are all my own.

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