Thursday, October 2, 2014

We came, we saw, we rode. Day Out With Thomas 2014

Last year around this time we rode Thomas the Tank Engine. I remember the day well.  That was the day we found out Aidan broke his leg and I realized I was the horrible mom for yelling at him the night before to "Just get up and walk to the bathroom!".  Not my best moment.

We found out Day Out with Thomas was coming back and headed on up to Spencer! This year was SO much fun!  I went back up with The Pajama Mama and her son Mango.  I had 4 tickets, only needed two, so I got to have an Oprah moment and pass the tickets on to a man with his son. It felt good to make someone happy.  Plus,I saved him about $40. I love Paying It Forward when I can.

We got there a bit early and V bounced for about 2 minutes on the bounce house.  It was a drizzly gross morning, so it was damp inside it.  We threw shoes on and ran over to the hay bale maze! V is pretty much an expert at these.

She ran through it like a champ and then we saw PERCY!!!  This year there are two trains.  Thomas and Percy.  If you are interested in riding Percy make sure you get the combo pass!  We just had tickets for Thomas.

 Percy left and V played a round of golf.

It was time so we headed over to the trains.  FYI-there are port-a-potties near the trains, BUT if you walk a bit down the road there are actual bathrooms. I am anti-port-a-potty if you are curious.

So we got that out of the way and headed to the line.

Since I got in the line so early we were one of the first on the train and we got to sit up front. Try to get there early! The seats are a bit more comfy up there. There is also glass on the windows, so I wasn't worried about kids taking a tumble.

Isn't that the best picture ever? ^^^  I absolutely LOVE the lighting on the train.

The decorations were about the same as last year. I guess you can't get too fancy with trains full of kiddos. When the ride is almost over the conductor walks through the train and you get your certificate for riding Thomas. It's a cute little memento of the day.

Last year we walked down to the roundhouse looking at things and rode the trolly back. This year we decided to do the opposite. I am so glad we did. The trolly driver was awesome and even let the kids pull the cable for the bell!


When V was on Thomas she started talking about riding the "circle thing" so our first stop was the roundhouse.  If you want to ride,you have to go inside and pay $1 per ticket. It just circles around one time. Nothing fancy.  If you don't want to feel it turn, stand in the dead center. That is where it just pivots. It may not be fancy, but the kids LOVED it.

This year Buddy Fruits had free snacks throughout! You can find them in the roundhouse area as well as the middle of the gift shop. Make sure to grab a couple....or four. These are called Pure Fruit Jiggle Gel! The only samples they had were raspberry.  They passed V, Mango, and Aidan's taste test.  Nate didn't like them, but Nate doesn't like anything so it wasn't a shocker.

 Also in the roundhouse area is a table set up with coloring books, hats, bookmarks, and air fresheners! My kids LOVE having air fresheners in the car. I grabbed a few.

 We headed to the next building. NORMALLY you can only walk a few feet in.  This time along the center of the room they had all the model trains set up!  I was EXCITED!  I have always wanted to walk in this building.  I talked to an employee there and he said they are doing renovations on the building and hoping to get it open for the public on a regular basis! I really hope so.  They have old cars and even a plane in the building!  I would love to be able to go check it out!

 All the displays have buttons.  When you push them, it does something with the display. V LOVES to push them and watch them move.  The only suggestion I have is, they need a step railing.  It was hard for V to see and at this point my hands and arms were full of Buddy Fruit and train hats.

We managed to get to the play area with the trains before a bunch of kids rushed it. We really seemed to have great timing! There were a few trains, but not a ton. Sharing is key here OR bring a train from home and make sure to keep an eye on it. There are three tables with trains. They get swamped pretty quickly.

So this is where the pictures end. Right outside of this building there is an area to meet Sir Topham Hat.  If you are getting your map stamped to get the prize, you have to see him here to get one.  Along side of that there was a line of people and a guy holding lanyards. I inquired about them and let's just say another mom was not happy with me and leave it there for now.  I will also say, please remember to use your polite language when at an event for children. Potty mouth is not cool.

After the "incident" which I will discuss on another day, I went into the gift shop.  I loved how it is inside this year along side the museum's gift shop.  The tent was nice last year, but this was MUCH cleaner.  No grassy floors.  We grabbed a kaleidoscope ($8) and some Pez dispensers ($3)...and a couple more Buddy Fruit.  V was famished at this point.

We walked through the food area,but decided to head on down the road to a restaurant. It was getting kind of late and I had to get the boys.  I am kind of regretting the decision NOT to get a funnel cake.

It wasn't until we were home that we realized we TOTALLY forgot to get our pictures taken in front of Thomas.  That lady really threw me off my game! Oh well, hopefully he comes back around next year.

Day Out with Thomas still has some great tickets left for this weekend! Head over HERE to purchase some and make some memories of your own!

I received tickets in order to facilitate my review.  All opinion are my own.

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  1. This is on our list of activities to do at some point. My son is absolutely crazy about Thomas and I'm sure that he would love something like this.