Saturday, November 29, 2014

I am forgetful sometimes, but maybe this time it was a good thing to forget.

This past Monday I was looking through my TimeHop app (If you don't have this app.  Get it) and realized that it marked three years since Nate's last seizure.  THREE YEARS.  This is AMAZING.  I always remember the day since it was on Thanksgiving, but forgot the actual date.
Totally forgot this year.

I posted a blob on my Facebook page about it and TOTALLY forgot to come over here. It is SUCH a huge thing and I forgot. I went and bought him a chocolate cake though. Funny thing was he had NO clue what we were celebrating. Doesn't remember a thing about them. I told him what it was for, still.  No clue. He takes meds twice a day and has no clue why. I guess that is a good thing?

I started this blog as a way to write about our lives and remember important things. Sometimes I forget that.  

With Thanksgiving, V's birthday, Christmas, I just forgot.  You know what? I guess I am thankful that I forgot about it. Hopefully once we get him off the meds he will do great and I can put this all behind us like my mom did with me.

This has been my mom guilt post. You can read my post about the actual day here

Happy Belated Three Year Anniversary to my Natey Naters.
(or as we called it when eating cake "Happy Healthy Brain Day!)

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