Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Say what now? I won something??AWESOME

Back in September, I went to the Type-A conference.  There were a bunch of vendors and everyone seemed to have some kind of raffle going on.  I think I saw about 3 vendors giving away iPad mini's. There were personal hotspots, vacuums, but then Fellowes was there with shredders.

I am a WHIZ at winning things on the radio. My friends actually make fun of me because I always seem to win.  I NEVER win raffles where you have to put your name in and get drawn. That was until now.

I won a shredder.  Sounds lame, right?  WRONG.

We used to have one of those small "put over the trashcan" shredders. Eric over stuffed the feeder and jammed it.  We could never unjam it, so all stuff that needed to be shredded had to go to Eric's work and he did it there.

I ended up winning a Fellowes 79Ci.  It is insanely heavy.  It think it is about 35lbs.  The majority of the weight is in the top of the shredder, so don't drop it like I almost did.
Picture from their Amazon page
The casters on the bottom were a BIT tricky to push on.  Of course I had to put it together when Eric was at work.  I kind of did a push/wiggle motion and they went on.

Eric tried to jam it once already, but they have a light on the side of the top that tells you it is too much and it won't run.  It also has a finger guard so if V decides to shove her hand near it when it is running, it stops. Yeah, I am one of those people who leave on the protective stickers as long as I can.

Pretty much the coolest shredder ever.  Like I said I won this one, this is NOT a "review" item, BUT if you want more info they sell it over at Amazon.  Pretty darn awesome if you have a home office or have a shredding obsession like I do.  They say it can also shred CD's.  I wonder if Eric would notice any of his "music" if it went missing...

Thanks Fellowes for the awesome prize!!

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