Friday, November 14, 2014

The holidays are coming SOON. Want to start a new tradition?

When I was growing up around holiday time we traveled a lot.  We lived in North Carolina, but traveled to Connecticut to be with family. Once we even spent the weekend in the mountains (and had a disastrous stomach flu Christmas).  One thing that always came up was "How does Santa know where we will be?"

Growing up, you know that Santa comes to YOUR HOUSE and leaves gifts.  What happens if he doesn't know where you are? What if you are in a hotel?

Whether or not you are traveling, how are you sure that Santa knows where you are?  What if you are in an apartment, busy neighborhood, or just moved?  That doubt is exactly what spurred author Patricia Cardello to write "The Magical Tale of Santa Dust-A Christmas Tradition".

Patricia and her family were living in an apartment in Manhattan, and they were discussing whether or not Santa would be able to find them.  This is when Santa Dust was  created.

I will give you a VERY brief summary of the book because I don't want to ruin any of the story! This is a cute story about a family living away from the big town with a house surrounded by trees.  They seem to be a less fortunate family and have never been visited by Santa.  On Christmas evening, they hear a noise outside and they end up getting magical dust everywhere. That night, Santa sees their house for the very first time and delivers gifts to the family.

I really like this story.  I love how it gives you a way to inform your children that Santa will know where you are and won't be skipped.  I know I was always worried of that happening! Something about it being written down makes it seem more official.  Parents can say something, but as a child, there is a real power in the written word.  Books help to create magic in someones life and a book about Santa and the magic surrounding him, to me is a winning combination.

The book is available with or without the dust. With the dust MSRP is $24.95, without the dust $20.95. The dust can be purchased on it's own for $9.00.

Honestly, I would get the book with the bag of dust. The bag is SUPER cute and can be hung on your tree.  It comes with a little bag of "dust" inside, which depending on how crazy you go with it, could probably be good for one or two holiday seasons. Plenty of dust to sprinkle so Santa can find you!

The book is illustrated by Italian illustrator Mannela Soriani.  Every page is brightly colored and is full of fantastic images to get you to and your child engaged.

The Magical Tale of Santa Duse is available on their own website to purchase, or if you are like me and an Amazon addict, it is available there as well. On their website there is a store locator, so if you want to pick up one up locally, check it out!

I can't wait to show the book to my kids and start the sprinkling tradition with them!

I was given a book in exchange for my honest review.  All thought are my own.

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  1. Such a cute idea! Keira hasn't started questioning yet (and let's face it, she will), but now when she does, I'll know just what to do.