Monday, November 17, 2014

#TheAmazingZhus Magical Meet Up!

I swear. Kids these days have AWESOME toys.  I had the opportunity to host an Amazing Zhu's party and jumped at the opportunity.

The kit came filled the brim!  The main "pets" are the Magician Zhu and two stunt pets.  The stunt pets we received were the pink one named "Piccadilly" and the grey one named "Kardini" V LOVES Piccadilly.  Her tail is a heart.

Nate is pretty much the most adorable magician EVER.

There were all kinds of cute little extras in the kit like "fortune telling fish", decks of cards,  and word searches. I think the magician hats and wands made the kit though! Lots of little magicians running around. The fortune fish were ok.  They all seemed to roll up!  I think all of us must be the same temperature.

Bit of advice....when opening the pets make sure you have a TINY screwdriver handy.  The mice come attached to the packaging with little screws.  I miss the good 'ole days of twisty ties!

We got to try out two toy kits.  The first being the High Dive. (Which I TOTALLY forgot to get pictures of the kids playing with it)  It took a bit of practice for the kids to get it to work.

The most loved toy was the Shell Game.  That one MUST be used with the Magician Pet.  The kids LOVED it.  You hide a nut under a shell and the magician magically finds it every time.

Along with the Magician Pets finding the nut, it also follows the wand!  If you have to get one pet this season, go for this one.


It is the most interactive and makes the kids the happiest. Plus, he wears a hat. So,you know, he is fashionable.  He comes with some cards that he magically reads AND a wand!

The kids are already asking for more pets.  Maybe I can chat with Santa about it.  :)

If you are interested in seeing the complete line, check out The Amazing Zhus page.  It does take a bit to load and has music playing. If you are planning on gift buying and trying to be secretive, turn off your music first!  I think the kids need the Cereal Box and maybe the train cars!  TOO CUTE.  As of right now at posting everything is available to Pre-order at Walmart. Currently it says delivery by December 1st.  Get those orders in!

Thanks to The Amazing Zhus and Mom Select for this awesome party!

Here is a bonus video for you.

I was given the toys in order to facilitate the review. All opinions are my own and the joy is all my children's.

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