Friday, December 12, 2014

Bidding site VS. actual Disney. Who do you think would win?

First things first,this post is NOT endorsed, sponsored, ANY WAY. That will probably become apparent.

For V's birthday party this past weekend, she wanted a "Frozen" party, like 900,000,000 other little girls.  I recently reconnected with a friend that I worked with YEARS ago and found out she makes cakes. You can check her out here:  Carrie's Creative Icings

We were throwing ideas back and forth and we decided on a style. It needed to have little figurines on it, so she sent me a few links to where I could purchase "cake toppers" for an inexpensive price. Read cake toppers as looks like Disney figures but enough difference that they can be called "inspired by".

I found some, ordered them, and had them shipped to her house.  She sent me a picture and they looked good!  Picked up the cake and it was AMAZING.

My friend came over and said "CRAP! I bought her the same figures. EXACTLY the same." I laughed and said that is ok. We could have two sets.  We had cake, opened gifts, all the normal stuff.

 Sunday we took the kids skating for the first time.  IT WAS AWESOME.

Later that week, V got into the gifts and DESTROYED the box. No way to return them now.  I took them out and looked at them. THEN I placed them next to each other.

Can you guess which is from Disney and which isn't?

How about these?

They both SAY Disney on the bottom.

Poor poor Christoph.

 Even Sven didn't fare well.

Real Sven

Knockoff  Zombie Sven.

Pretty sure the saddest for me was Olaf.

Not going to even try to figure out what happened here. lol  Why are his eyebrows RED?!?

So,what did we learn here?  
First:Don't expect to get super high quality items that supposed to look like Disney figures for cheap on bidding sites. 
Second:They are ok for cakes, I wouldn't buy them as a gift.

Third: My friend makes awesome cakes.

 Happy Birthday V!


  1. In some cases, going the "inspired by" route makes since like for cake decorating. Although, Moo's birthday just passed, we're getting a head start on her party for next year. Your friend did a great job on the cake btw! Glad V enjoyed her birthday.

    1. Totally agree.I wouldn't spend tons for cake decorations. It just made me laugh once they were side by side. :)

  2. I would have done the same thing! They looked fine on the cake! It's just when you put them together that you could tell they weren't the Disney version! V's cake was super yummy and it looked gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! And thanks so much for coming last weekend! It was super fun!