Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My little girl is getting huge!

This is such a big week in my house. Today, V had an interview for preschool. It is through the school system so they only take the kids who really need it. Less than HALF get in. Fingers crossed? I am so conflicted on how to feel. On one hand, it is an amazing free program that Nate excelled in. On the other hand, if she gets in, that means they think she will be behind without it. I am pretty sure she won't get in. Nate basically got in because of speech issues. I will find out in 6-8weeks if she is even eligible. If she is I won't find out until JULY if she gets placed. UGH

Incase she doesn't get in, I also applied to be able to enter the lottery for a Montessori preschool that is right down the road. This would be amazing, but again, no clue if she will get in since it is lottery based. 

I find it so weird that my baby is at the age where she will be in school. Actual school! She turns four next week. 

Make time stop please!

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