Monday, December 21, 2015

Monster Jam...A GIVEAWAY!!!

I feel like all I have to write about are awesome opportunities for everyone at the end of this year.  WORKS FOR ME!  I just got invited to Monster Jam AND have the chance to offer 4 tickets to opening night to you!



The 2016 touring season brings more Monster Jam excitement, providing entertainment tailored perfectly for your family's budget, and these colorful, larger-than-life beasts are sure to capture the hearts of both young and old. This event will feature eight different trucks including Captain’s Curse, Doomsday, El Toro Loco, Grave Digger, Hot Wheels, Mad Scientist, MM Dalmatian and Zombie Hunter. Approximately 12-feet-tall and about 12-feet-wide, Monster Jam trucks are custom-designed machines that sit atop 66-inch-tall tires and weigh a minimum of 10,000 pounds. Built for short, high-powered bursts of speed, these trucks generate 1,500 to 2,000 horsepower and are capable of speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Monster Jam trucks can fly up to 130 feet over 14 cars side-by-side and up to 35 feet in the air.

I was reading over the press kit for the show and this information is CRAZY.  I had no clue so much went into a show. I am rather excited for it!  From the videos I have watched it does seem a bit loud, so if you have a sensitive kiddo I would probably bring headphones.  I plan on it.

YOU can win a 4 pack to see the show on opening night!  Enter below and good luck!!

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The House of Boys...& a Girl is not responsible for delivering the tickets.  Tickets will be available at will call at the arena.  All opinions and excitement are my own.  Tickets given courtesy of Feld Entertainment. 

LEGO® KidsFest is coming to Charlotte!!! AND I HAVE A GIVEAWAY!!!!

LEGO® KidsFest is AH-MAZING. Back in 2014 I totally took the kids out of school for a trip to Raleigh to hit the LEGO® KidsFest.  The school secretary and I decided it was an educational trip and the kids weren't counted as absent.  SCORE.

IT WAS SO WORTH IT.  You can see a million pictures up in the link up there.  Go look...I will wait.

Next year, Feb 19th - 21st, 2016 the LEGO® KidsFest is coming to CHARLOTTE and I have all kinds of information straight from them, for you!

Three Acres of Hands-On Educational Fun for All Ages

LEGO® KidsFest national tour stops at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC, from February 19 - 21, 2016, for the very first time, bringing all of the creative hands-on, minds-on fun of LEGO® building and experiences together in this three acre activity- and entertainment-packed family event.
LEGO® KidsFest is for children of all ages and builders of all skills and interests.

Among the many
LEGO® attractions, families will find:

LEGO® Model Museum: life-sized models made entirely from LEGO® bricks
LEGO® Master Builders: live demonstrations and activities from the crew who get paid to play
* Race Ramps: build a custom car, then race it down the ramp against friends and family
LEGO® Star Wars: build and display a Star Wars model
LEGO® Disney Princess: create a princess scene to add to a LEGO® story book
LEGO® Super Heroes: pose with a life-sized Spiderman model and more
LEGO® DUPLO: younger visitors can explore imagination through building
LEGO® Retail: purchase LEGO® merchandise and official KidsFest tour goods
LEGO® Friends: build for the five empowered friends from Heartlake City
LEGO® Ninjago: spin the way to being a Spinjitzu member
LEGO® Mindstorms: build and program robots and snakes
LEGO® Technic: get hands-on with the cool, realistic vehicles at the booth
* Creation Nation: build your own creation to add to a custom map of the U.S.
* Brick Pile: a gigantic pile full of
LEGO® bricks for creative play and enjoyment
* Monochromatic Builds: bricks of a single color foster group creativity

"Our 2016
LEGO® KidsFest tour is going to delight both new and returning audiences," said Vince Rubino, Events Manager for LEGO® Systems, Inc. "We've still got some favorites on the show floor, like the Big Brick Pile, Creation Nation and the Race Ramps. There are also many new and unique activities designed for building, learning and fun."

Five sessions - all identical and 4 1/2 half hours in length - are held at each tour stop. LEGO® KidsFest tickets can be purchased at Tickets are $19 for the Friday and Sunday afternoon sessions, and $22 for both sessions on Saturday and the Sunday morning session.

On tour since 2009, previous LEGO® KidsFest tour stops have included major cities such as Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, San Jose, Cleveland, Richmond, Phoenix, Portland and more.

This WILL sell out.  It will.  It will be crazy and over whelming and inspiring and a BLAST for everyone there and it WILL get sold out.   Make sure to get your tickets soon.  You can get them through this link:  BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!!

Wait...I said a giveaway, right?   Here is that info! Good luck!!!

One of MY followers will win (2) tickets to for the opening night session on Friday, Feb 19, 2016 (4-8:30pm). I encourage you to LIKE and Follow LEGO®KidsFest on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for all the latest ticketing updates as this event has been selling out in prior cities. Must be 18 to enter, 1 entry per day allowed, random drawing by USFG!

Winner will be randomly chosen by USFG on Tues Jan 15 and announced on my Blog and notified via email,

ENTER HERE -Click here to enter the CONTEST!!!
 Contest and tickets Courtesy of LEGO KidsFest and USFamily Guide.  All opinions are my own.  Tickets will be emailed to the winner once received from USFamily Guide.  The House of Boys...& a Girl is not responsible for delivery.  You MUST make sure to check your email and use an email that you check on a regular basis.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ThinkFun gets you ready for the holiday gift giving!

**affiliate links in post**
If you have been a reader here, you know I work with ThinkFun on the regular.  I LOVE their games. My kids are very big into playing games and I love that these actually make them think more than just "move this piece 3 spaces"

For the holiday season I thought I would share with you two of my latest discoveries:
Laser Maze Jr. and Compose Yourself

I was actually at Target perusing the toy aisle and saw Laser Maze Jr. there and thought how awesome it looked.  

From the site:  Your mission: Expertly transport the laser beam to the rockets so that it can safely return to earth! Younger players can now experience the fun of the award-winning game Laser Maze with an age-appropriate design and challenge for grade school children with real lasers. Available at Amazon and neighborhood toy stores.  (Age 6+)

The game is rated for ages 6 and up.  It did take a bit of explaining to get Nate to understand what was going on. He is almost 8.  You REALLY have to think this one through.  Nate does have planning issues (we went to therapy for YEARS and they worked on that), so that could play into his confusion.

Here come the pictures. The game has 40 different challenges from easy to super hard.  The cards have an image on either side.  You get the cards, 5 mirrors, a beam splitter, 3 rocks that stop the laser, and two rockets.
The laser is a legitimate laser, think laser pointer.  It comes out of this area shown. The switch to turn it on and off is TIGHT.  I like that aspect. 
How to play:  You choose a card and slide it into a slit in the board.It tells you where to place the pieces you start with when you look down onto the game board.  THEN on the side of the card, it shows what piece you need to accomplish the task.  Set up is way easier than it sounds.

The object is to light up the rocket ship.
This was the very first card and was relatively easy once you knew how the mirrors worked.  When struck with the laser, it shoots the beam at a 90 degree angle.
 Aidan FLEW through some of the levels.  Once he tried a super hard and got stumped. 
 All in all it is a very fun game that gets the brain working.  The boys were even creating their own challenges for each other.  I even had fun playing this one.  V liked to help set it up, but definitely way too advanced for her. 

You can find this game on Amazon as well as local stores in the toy dept.  It retails for $30

The next game we have today that is awesome for all ages is Compose Yourself.

From the site: Created by world-famous composer and cellist, Maestro Philip Sheppard, Compose Yourself allows anyone to play with music and create a world-class composition.
Arrange the cards in a nice visual pattern, enter the codes on this site and hear your piece played by a full symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. There are over 1 billion melodies you can create!
Compose Yourself brings out the music in everyone, especially children with no musical experience, and builds new thinking skills such as creativity, expression and confidence. Recently profiled in The Wall Street Journal! (Ages 6+)

Not going to lie, I saw this and thought "meh. Might as well." Pretty sure this is now one of my favorites. ANYONE can use this.  It is good for ANY age even though it says 6 and up. You don't have to be able to read/write/or even really understand music and it is still enjoyable.

In the box you get a carry bag and 60 see though cards all with different music notes on them.  You can flip them over and arrange them in a fashion that you find visually enjoyable.
The cards need to be in sets of 4 though.  You can do up to 16 per piece.  For the first time, V picked 8.
 Once you have your cards, you go to the website and enter the codes found on the corners of the cards into the fields.  As you do, the cards pop up on the screen. Ignore all my saved tabs. 

Click play and you end up with this! 

This would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for kids of all ages.  My brother in law is actually a choir director at his church as well as a music teacher.  I am definitely breaking this out when he comes over.  This game retails for $20 and can be found exclusively on Amazon.  As of this posting it was actually selling for $14.99

So there you go.  Two fantastic gifts that would be great to grab for someone this holiday season!

**I received these complimentary in order to facilitate my review.  All pics and opinions are my own and the song is all my 5 year old's doing***

Monday, December 14, 2015

GIVEAWAY!!!! Minecraft Story Mode

I used to live in a world without Minecraft.  My boys talked about it, but we never downloaded it.  For Nate's birthday this year he was gifted a copy on iTunes and our world changed.

Now it is Minecraft ALL THE TIME.  We have it on the computer, on the iPad, phones.  All over. All three kiddos really get into it.

We started seeing commercials for Minecraft Story Mode and the pleading began.  Like magic, I was sent an email offering me a free copy to try AND one to give away!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT.

Minecraft Story Mode is a bit different and super cool.  I have fond memories of "choose your own adventure" books as a child and this is along the same lines.  There is a LOT of reading involved, so kinda hard for nonreaders to enjoy alone. 

It is a five part episodic series that sets you into the world of Minecraft, but introduces new characters and familiar themes, building an entirely original Minecraft experience inspired by the game. You drive the story through the decisions you make: what you say to people (and how you say it), and what you choose to do in moments of thrilling action will make this YOUR story!  Patton Oswalt voices Jesse, the main character in the story.  Rather fun hearing talking in your kitchen.

The game is by Telltale Games and available in numerous forms:  PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, and coming soon to Wii U.  It is also available on Steam!

Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series - Episode 1: 'The Order of the Stone' is rated 'E10+' (Everyone 10+) for Fantasy Violence and Mild Language by the ESRB. Future content in the season is yet to be rated by the ESRB. The series is published by Telltale Games in partnership with Mojang.

What I have for one lucky reader is a Steam copy!  This is great for those last minute shoppers like me who totally forget to buy things for holidays.  Best part about this, you get a code to use online so no traveling to a store! YIPPEE!  WIth this being an episodic series, the entire five chapters are NOT available at once.  When the next part is live, it automatically downloads onto your game, cool huh?  Currently there are 3 of the 5 episodes available.

Want to win?  Here is your chance! PLEASE make sure the email you sign in with is a current one you check regularly.  I will be drawing Saturday morning.  I have the code to email out to a winner.  You MUST check your email.  You have 24 hours to claim it or I am passing it on to the next person.  This contest is good for a copy on the PC.  You will NOT receive a physical copy.  Only a download for the computer on Steam.  You MUST have a Steam account to play.  It is free to sign up. GOOD LUCK!!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was given a free copy to review and a free copy to pass on to another.  All thoughts are my own, all kids excitement is also mine.  I claim it. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Peyton Heart Project

Back in October I was up in Mt. Airy, NC for the Autumn Leaves Festival.  I have a booth up there every year for my business.  This year I walked into the community building and saw this brightly colored heart with a tag just sitting there next to the ATM.  There were some people standing there, I figured it was theirs.  I went to the restroom, came out, and it was still there minus  the people.  I picked it up and looked at it. It had a little tag that read "Take me!  You make the world a beautiful place. #PeytonHeartProject"
After being outside for numerous days in a tent, that was a much needed note.  I grabbed it, walked back to my tent, and pulled out my phone to look up the tag.  I never realized how much a little heart meant.

The Peyton Heart Project was started because of a little 13 year old boy named Peyton James.

Peyton was a child that got bullied for years at school and couldn't handle it anymore and ended up taking his life in 2014.  He was only 13.  THIRTEEN.  My oldest right now is 9 1/2.  There isn't that much difference there.  Only 3 short years difference.  9 years has flown by with him.  I couldn't imagine losing him in just three short years. 

The Peyton Heart Project is a project is connected to the Sidewalk Smiles Campaign. The Sidewalk Smiles Campaign was created by Julia Kubin in 2014 when she was 13. The Peyton Heart Project was created by Jill Kubin, Julia’s mom, in June 2015. It is an extension of the suicide prevention and bullying prevention projects Julia has been working on. The are looking to bring awareness to the issues of teen suicide and bullying. 

When I found this little heart that made my day, I never realized the impact that it would have on me.  

When I got back home I have started knitting up my own hearts to pass out. It gave me such joy to find it, I can't imagine what kind of impact this could have on someone who is on the brink of self harm.  Just to know that you are worth it.  You are beautiful.  The world is a better place with you in it.  People DO care.

If you head to the site The Peyton Hart Project, you can find all kinds of information.  Pages to print with the quotes, heart patterns, even an address you can write to to get free hearts to pass out.  All they ask for is postage in return.  

If you find a heart, make sure to post it to Instagram with the hashtag #PeytonHeartProject

I think in this day and age, we need more positivity out there...don't you?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Huzzah. We made it to the Renn Fest this year!

Many many many many moons ago, I met my husband. Our first "official" date was at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  We met one week before Halloween on a Wednesday at a concert. That following Sunday, we went to the Renaissance Festival.  That was 14 years ago.  We tried to go at least once every year since then.

After having kids it became trickier. The ground isn't paved.  Pushing a stroller wasn't the most fun.  I did baby wear, but my kiddos never really "got it" until this year.

Going to the Renaissance Festival with a girl that is old enough to voice her opinions is WAY different than taking the boys.  The boys hung out with Eric and did their own thing while V just kinda proclaimed where we were going and we went.  I am glad I let her lead the way.  I probably wouldn't have stopped at some of the places we did if I took charge.

We had a BLAST.  V's mission when we walked inside: Face painting and meet a fairy.  

First show we watched was Gypsy Geoff "Fire Circus Show"  Nate heard fire and was out.  He was worried that he would be set on fire.  V, Aidan, and I marched on down to watch.  (Nate and Eric ended up sitting way in the back to watch)

This show was fantastic!  Gypsy Geoff is an amazing juggler. I loved how he involved the kids in the audience into the show.  He even ended up tipping the little 4 year old that he brought on stage multiple times. If you can't tell from the picture that is a bucket balanced on a chair, balanced on a broom.

We waited in line FOREVER to get this darn face painting. It was relatively cheap, $8.  There are normally two ladies at the stand we went to. One must have been on lunch.  There are other face painting stations further down! Don't be like me and jump on the first one if the line is long to begin with!
One of the most fun things about the Renaissane Festival is the characters just slathered about the festival.  You always find someone, like Esperanza de la Noche. 

 She was recruiting for the Spanish Army and I signed the kids up.  They were VERY attentive listening to her.  After it was done she said "Boot camp starts at 4am tomorrow!!"  Nate was VERY concerned the rest of the day and kept bringing it up.  He REALLY wanted to go to bootcamp and join the Spanish Army. Hahaha.

Oh, and if you are wondering I translated her name "Hope in the Night"

 ****Clown pictures coming!!!  If you hate clowns....SCROLL fast.****

This next show I would NOT have watched if it wasn't for V. I personally LOVE clowns. The husband, not so much.  We saw Marquise and he was telling people to come to the magic show in 15 mintues.  We walked off a bit to kill time and then V says "I am going to the magic show" and walked away. So off we went to watch Fool Hearty.

They were HILARIOUS and my socks matched Ima Nutte's socks.  I felt like we bonded. She was taking hilarious selfies with people and came over and petted me. I had on a cat ear headband. 

We almost left without seeing any fairies,and then we stumbled upon Twig.  DAY MADE.  We tipped her a dollar and V was given a lovely blue stone from Twig.  She was all V talked about for the longest time.  Absolutely the cutest fairy around. The way she interacts with everyone is adorable.
It is open for a few more weeks!

"Each day inside the 25 acre Village of Fairhaven is filled with an abundance of attractions and entertainments for all ages. Enjoy your best day out in history 8 consecutive weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, October and November. Details online at"
My readers get to save with your visit! FREE Child Admission! - Receive one FREE child admission for children age 5 - 12 with purchase of one full price adult ticket at Festival gate. Children under 5 are always free. Coupon is valid at the Festival ticket booth! 

I was provided complimentary tickets in exchange for telling you about this awesome event.  All thoughts and trips down memory lane are all my own.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dream Dinners. We came, we saw, we prepped.

I heard about these meal prep places a while ago and have always been intrigued about them.  I had no clue how they worked, if it was worth it, what exactly happened at one. 

Recently a group of ladies from a blogging group I am a part of got together and got to experience an evening at Dream Dinners in Fort Mill, SC.

Dream Dinners was started by two mothers, Stephanie Allen and Tina Kuna.  "Dream Dinners is a unique company founded on a mission of bringing families together around the dinner table. We provide everything you need to assemble great dinners to enjoy as you relax and talk about the events of the day. We offer freedom from the hassles surrounding the planning and preparation of meals night after night. We give friends and family an opportunity to come together in a fun-filled setting to assemble their Dream Dinners in a very short time just once a month (most make their meals in under an hour)."

Meal planning/prep in under an hour once a month? SOLD.

Every month the meals change and you choose from the list what you would like to prepare. I picked the Mini Turkey Medallions with green beans, Layered Ravioli Bake, and the Savory Grilled Chicken.  The thing I loved about this service the most is that it is TOTALLY flexible.  The turkey medallions came with ranch and bacon green beans, I don't eat pork so they let me sub out for different green beans!

The lasagna had Italian sausage in it.  I don't eat sausage. Since I was prepping it myself, I just left out the sausage and added extra cheese!

Everything in the building is set up in stations.  This is a breeze even for people who "can't" cook.  Each station has a recipe card and all you have to do is scoop the shown amount into a bag.  For example, the picture below was taken at the savory grilled chicken station.The recipe called for green onions and next to the ingredient was a purple dot. You grabbed the scoop with the purple handle and scooped it up.  If you look at the back left, that ingredient is used twice with two different measurements.  There are two different color coded spoons.  

Once you are done prepping the meals, they go into bags with the directions, and then into the holding cooler.  Next to the cooler is the big "Finishing Touch" freezer.  This is filled with breads, desserts, sides.  Anything that you might want to go along with your meal.  These are available at an additional cost of course.
The actual store is mostly just prep work. There is still a tiny bit of work to do when you get home for some meals.  My mini turkey medallions I had to thaw, mix the meat with the seasoning, form the patties, and top with the glaze before I could bake.  Nothing too hard. Five minutes, maybe?

They subbed out the almond green beans for the ranch bacon green beans and it was SUCH a good swap.  Those things were tasty!  Actual cook time wasn't bad at all and everything was very tasty!

It was a fun evening with friends and I am glad I got to experience it! This would be amazing for busy families as well as for people who aren't really "cooks".  My sister is NOT a cook. For Christmas a few years ago I bought her spices.  She literally had only one or two in her entire kitchen.  This would be amazing for someone like her!  Everything is there, you don't have to worry about not having the correct spice on hand, and the recipes are easy to follow!

Right now there is a fantastic introductory offer going on. You can select up to six meals for only $74.95. There is a Cranberry Buttermilk Chicken with Oven Roasted Broccoli that looks amazing!

The location we went to in Fort Mill is having a Grand Reopening on Thursday, October 8th, 2015 from 6:30 to 8:30! There will be door prizes for the first 50 people, food, fun, and giveaways all evening!

For more information, contact Dream Diners at (803) 548-7833 or, or check out their Facebook event page!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Dream Dinners of Fort Mill, SC.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Best Banana Bread in the world. Seriously. It is.

I have this recipe on my long since forgotten food blog.  I have neglected it for two years at this point.  I do go back over and over for certain recipes though.  This would be one.
It is by far the BEST banana bread I have ever made.   The original recipe I wrote, down below, calls for blueberries.  I have used those, I have replaced with chocolate chips, I have left out the additional item all together and just went straight up banana.  ALL GOOD.  My kids don't eat nuts, but if you like nuts, throw those bad boys in place of the blueberries!


  • 4 ripe bananas, smashed (smash, but leave some lumps)
  • 1/3 cup melted butter (I usually use unsalted, Eric bought salted.  I used that)
  • 3/4 cup light brown sugar
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • pinch of salt, about 1/4 teaspoon or so
  • 1/2 cup blueberries, fresh and rinsed-OPTIONAL (If you use frozen berries, thawed it would work as well.  You just run the risk of purple-ish bread, chocolate chips, nuts, etc.)
  • 1 1/2 cups bread flour (I grabbed this instead of all-purpose out of the pantry, you could use all purpose if that is what you have)


  1. Heat oven to 350F
  2. Mix together mashed bananas and the melted butter.
  3. Stir in the brown sugar, egg, and the vanilla.
  4. Sprinkle the baking soda and salt over the banana mixture and mix in.
  5. Stir in the rinsed blueberries.
  6. CAREFULLY stir in the flour.  
(You don't want to over stir this.  If you do, you risk popping the blueberries as well as getting a hard loaf of bread.  You want to mix it JUST enough to include everything, but not so much to lose the chunks of blueberries and bananas.)
    7.  Butter and sugar a loaf pan.  Yes...butter and sugar. You will thank me. Mine was 
          4x8.  It was a nonstick pan, but I didn't want to risk anything. 
    8.  Pour batter into the pan.  The batter is THICK.  I had to use a rubber spatula to get
         it all in there.
    9.  Put the pan in the oven and set the timer for an hour.  Start checking around 50 
         minutes.  You want to cook it until you put a toothpick in the center and it comes
         out clean.
   10.  Once cooked, place the entire thing on a wire rack and let cook for 15 minutes.
   11.  After 15 minutes, remove from pan and try not to eat it all right then.



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sock it To me reveiw...AND contest info!

Well, it is that time of  the year again.  Time for the Sock It To Me annual design contest! If you haven't heard of them before, you haven't read my blog very well!  You can check out past posts HERE and HERE. I will wait.

Coinciding with the design contest this year, is the release of their new fall line!  So, of course I jumped at the chance to grab some new ones.  I had this whole idea of me wearing the adorable socks and taking some fantastically autumn inspired photos, then I dropped an 8 foot long 2"x8" board on my big toe.  No frolicking anytime soon for me.  So instead, you get lovely sock photos taken onto of the table we are making...which is why I had the long board.  Stupid toe.

First three up are Unicorn vs. Narwhal, Relatively Cool, and STRETCH IT Knee High: Planets.  I kind of have a SLIGHT obsession with Narwhals.  I MIGHT have painted an awesome picture of one this past summer.  The Narwhal Vs. Unicorn was mine the second I saw it.  Pretty sure a unicorn would not beat a narwhal though.  Unicorns are pure.  I think Narwhals would fight pretty dirty.

Relatively Cool is going to look AWESOME with this little black dress I have.  It kind of flares in a 50's style.  That with some little cute slip ons, I might be the cutest at the craft shows this fall.

The awesome thing about Sock It To Me, is that they understand that people come in all different shapes.  The STRETCH IT line is made with super stretchy SOFT material so when the picture stretches to go over larger calves, the picture remains looking like the picture and not all stretched out.  If you have larger calves, you know what I am talking about. This line is AWESOME.
The Alien who Stole Christmas is TECHNICALLY for my husband, I mean they are men   crew socks, but honestly, I have big know...pretty sure they are mine now. I need shorter socks too!
Halloween is coming up, but I celebrate year round.  What better way to than with Frankenstein's Sockster? These are fantastic kneehighs!   I am glad that his eyes are closed though.  Would be kind of creepy to have Frank staring up your skirt all day. lol
My ABSOLUTE favorite from the fall line are the Fawn Memories.  The deer actually WRAPS AROUND the sock.  Too stinking cute.
They have over 300 styles of fun and funky socks.  Is there anything you think they are missing ? If so, head over to their contest link and enter!  The contest runs from Sept 8th until Sept 30th 2015. 

What can you win?  Thanks for asking! 
1st Place: Cash prize of $2,000, their design will be manufactured on real socks, and 15 pairs of awesome Sock It to Me socks from our current line!
2nd Place: Cash prize of $500 and 10 pairs of socks.
3rd Place: Cash prize of $250 and 5 pairs of socks.

Remember...simple coloring is key.  No shading.  Good luck!

Sock It To Me provided me some adorably cute socks in exchange for me telling you about the awesome new products and the contest.  All thoughts, opinions, broken big toes, and images are all my own.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

It is the Carolina Renaissance Festival time....HUZZAH!!!

The very first date Eric and I ever had was to the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  We met the week before at a concert and this was the first official date. It was such a chilly day.  Ever since that day, we have tried to hit the Renn Fest at least once a year. I look forward to this announcement every year.

"Time travel to the Carolina Renaissance Festival where history comes alive with non-stop day-long entertainments, arts and crafts, games and rides, jousting knights on horseback, feasting and so much more! Each day inside the 25 acre Village of Fairhaven is filled with an abundance of attractions and entertainments for all ages. Enjoy your best day out in history 8 consecutive weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, October and November. Details online at"
My readers get to save with your visit! FREE Child Admission! - Receive one FREE child admission for children age 5 - 12 with purchase of one full price adult ticket at Festival gate. Children under 5 are always free. Coupon is valid at the Festival ticket booth! 

See you there!

I was provided complimentary tickets in exchange for telling you about this awesome event.  All thoughts and trips down memory lane are all my own.

Disney On Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic comes to Charlotte!

Hey guys!  I have been MIA for basically this summer.  Feels good to be back.  What better way to welcome myself back than to inform you of a new show coming to Charlotte AND give you a chance to win 4 free tickets to the show! YIPPEE!

"Grab your Mickey ears and get ready for the ultimate Disney experience at Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt! Be charmed by a cast of over 50, with Mouse-ter of Ceremonies Mickey Mouse, sweetheart Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Disney Princesses including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White and Tiana. Relive the magic of Disney's Frozen with Anna, Elsa and the hilarious Olaf as they discover that true love is the greatest magic of all."  V might explode from excitement over them!

"Sing-along to over 30 unforgettable songs including "Let It Go," "You've Got a Friend in Me," and "Hakuna Matata." Exciting moments from Disney•Pixar's Toy StoryFinding Nemo, Disney's The Lion KingBeauty and the BeastAladdin and more will leave the whole family with memories to last a lifetime. Show off your moves at the Disney Magic of Healthy Living dance-along pre-show inspired by the Disney Healthy Living commitment as the celebration of the century skates into your hometown!"

Every single show I have been to that Disney has put on has been nothing short of Magical.   I am so excited for this.  I might be more excited than V AND we are taking my mom!  She has never seen a Disney on Ice show before!

The show is running September 30th through October 4th here in Charlotte.  You have a chance to win 4 free tickets to opening night Wednesday Sept 30th at 7pm RIGHT NOW.  It is ONLY for opening night, so make sure you can go!  I have zero clue about where you will be sitting, but Disney + Free = awesome, right? Also, you MUST make sure to use an email that I can reach you at. You have 24hours to claim your winning tickets!  If you don't email me back, I have to draw someone else! Enter below and good luck!!!

If you don't want to wait and just want to buy your tickets now, head to this link to do so:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Feld Entertainment gave me tickets in exchange for my promotion and contest hosting. Opinions are my own. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

I can't quit you.

So, here is the thing.

I love writing.  I love attention.  I love sharing with people.  Basically, I enjoy talking and this is my chance to talk bunches and have people read it.

That being said, I am taking a break until school starts back.  I am zonked out.   Three kids home this summer is HARD.  Not sure why it is killing me this year, but man.  I am exhausted.  I do miss having a chance to connect and share with others though.

So, see you in September!

Monday, June 29, 2015

If you are a reader, listen up!!!

Hey guys!

I am actually changing this up a bit and taking a step away from this blog. While I love all the opportunities that have come my way through blogging, I feel like this isn't "my space" anymore.

So, this blog will remain open, you can still contact me through the same email, but I THINK this might be my last post on this blog.

The domain name is changing as well at the end of the month.  I am going to leave this as it is right now, but once the end of July comes, you can reach this blog at this website:

Yep. Old school blogspot for me.
In the same lines, if you are a friend/family member/or just love me, you can follow my new blog over at 
The new blog is going to go back to what this used to be.  Me and the minions.  I MIGHT write about something that I find awesome, product wise. I WILL write about our lives, our trips, my crafts, recipes.  I think this change will be good for me and my brain.
Hope to see you on the flippity flop!

Monday, April 13, 2015

ThinkFun Maker really got Aidan's imagination spinning!

I have worked a few times with ThinkFun in the past and have REALLY enjoyed it.  Their games are fun, but also educational.  They just came out with a new kit and offered to send me one to review and play with.   

Aidan is in LOVE with building things and from his time in scouts when he was younger, I knew that this would be right up his alley.  I ALSO knew that Eric likes this kind of stuff and it would be some great father-son time. (I was right)

So here is a blurb about the sets straight from ThinkFun because, of course, they say it the best.
"About Maker Studio Construction Sets:
Designed by well-known maker/engineers for budding engineers (aged 7 to adult), Maker Studio sets transform recycled household objects into working, kinetic machines and contraptions. Each of the three sets (Gears, Propellers, or Winches) includes complete instructions for creating four amazing builds, as well as Engineering Challenges - encouraging young makers to experiment with friction, torque, propulsion and more. Suitable for anyone ages seven-to-adult who is ready to think “outside the brick” and start making."

I got the basic Maker Studio which was pretty cool.  Inside each box is:
Photo from the ThinkFun site.
  • 1 Spool
  • 2 Long Connectors, 3 Medium Connectors
  • 1 Large Gear, 1 Medium Gear
  • 2 Large Wheels, 2 Medium Wheels, 2 Small Wheels
  • 3 5.5" Rods, 3 1.5" Rods
  • 13 Hub Caps
  • 1 Hole Punch
  • 3 Rubber Bands
  • 10 Engineering Challenges
We did NOT use everything in the box.  Aidan saw the cards right away and wanted to make something straight from the card. I said no.  It was imagination time.

He decided on a boat, but we had to figure out how to tie in all the pieces obviously.  After looking at the boxes that we pulled from the recycling bin, the guys decided on a fishing boat. 
Excited to begin!
Captain looking out the window

It floats!  The box was covered in packing tape to keep the water from degrading the box.

The crane Aidan built.
Aidan and Eric only used SOME of the pieces available, so they can build more now!  I really liked this set.  I enjoy how it encourages creativity as well as recycling.  All boxes were pulled from the recycling bin.  The yarn and tulle were from my craft room.  Nothing additional needed to be purchased.  No batteries are being used. Just good old fashioned brain power.

I am kind of looking forward to him taking this apart so we can build something else.  I would love to get in on the fun!

The ThinkFun Maker Studio can be purchased on their site for $19.99 You can check out more info there, see videos, as well as get the links to the other kits.

You can find ThinkFun on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  You can also find this kit on Amazon

Thank you so much to ThinkFun for letting me try out this kit!  It was given to me for free for review purposes, but the fun had, opinions,  and creativity were all ours.