Friday, January 16, 2015

Gorton's and Spark People Realistic Resolution Challenge...GIVEAWAY!!!

**I was given items in exchange for this review/informative post.  All thoughts and feelings are my own.

Keep reading and you can win some stuff down below! Woot!
I don't know why, but I never ever stick to resolutions.  I think most people make such HUGE resolutions, they just can't work.  Or they are so broad.  I mean, what does "get healthy mean"? Are you losing weight? Lowering cholesterol? Getting more active? I think we set ourselves up for failure sometimes with trying to do TOO much at once.

Spark People and Gorton's have teamed up to do a 30 day Realistic Resolution Challenge.  It really is realistic. 
First day:sign up and get your weekly menu.  
Second day: Drink an extra glass of water.

It is LITTLE steps to create an overall plan.  I really like that.  To be able to sign up for the challenge (and get all the tips and emails) you must be a Spark People member.  I have been a member for years. They have some really great recipes on their site!

Day three is all about adding more fish into your diet. If you are like me, you don't live near the water and getting fresh from the water fish is pretty much impossible UNLESS you are on vacation.  Even the fresh fish in the grocery store isn't as fresh as I would like.

Gorton's has been my families go to for frozen fish for years.  Meals of fishsticks, peas, and rice was a common occurrence in my house.  My tastes have changed through out the years and while fish sticks are still good, I don't go "OOOOH!  Fish sticks!" like I used to.  While I was at the store picking up fish for lunch after the gym, I saw that they have a new "Simply Bake" line.  I went straight for the salmon.  It bakes in pouches so you don't even have to worry about getting a cookie sheet dirty!

So, I heated the oven to 350F, threw the pouch inside, and 24 minutes later, I had fish! I probably could have NOT kept all the sauce out of the pouch but I did because A) I am calorie counting and that was included in my count B) It was yummy and C) I wanted to show you guys everything! 

 The box was about $9 and has two pieces of fish (individually wrapped) inside. True, fish from the counter would probably cost about the same, if not less if on sale, BUT you are paying for convenience here.

It is already seasoned.  You literally just throw it in the oven. No stinky hands. ALSO no dirty dishes to wash!  Well, the dish you eat off of, but no baking dishes/pans.

It was really tasty!  It flaked easily and was a great addition to my lunch!  One pouch is 140 calories, so add that with a salad and you have a low calorie meal!

I mentioned a contest, right? you go.  You have a chance to win an AWESOME insulated tote that is great for bringing groceries home, 2 full-value product coupons, , the SparkPeople cookbook, the Spark book and the SparkPeople Boot Camp DVD!

I am a cookbook junkie and LOVE the images in this one. They even include tips at the top of the recipe to make it even healthier!  (circle on the top right of the picture)

 So, let's recap.  Sign up with Spark People.  Sign up for the 30 day Realistic Resolution Challenge. Down load THIS COUPON to save $0.75 on an item  You can ALSO enter a contest on Gorton's site HERE.

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