Thursday, February 5, 2015

Discovery Place has a new exhibit coming out!

The other day my fantastic friend over at My Mommy Brain said "Hey!  Are you going to the media event at Discovery Place Wednesday?", but I want to!  She was awesome enough to get me put on the list and this morning I had a chance to head over there before it opens to the public.

I have ALWAYS loved Discovery Place. I have incredibly fond memories of is as a little girl.  I even slept over there once as a Girl Scout (I dissected a sheep eye and slept up in the window where the gift shop is now.) Now, with that all out of the way, this is the BEST exhibit I have been to there.

I have seen the Grossology, Mummies of the world, and even Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS just to name a few.  This one EVERY SINGLE EXHIBIT was interesting.

The new exhibit presented by Bank of America  is titled "Illusion" and it opens to the public Saturday February the 7th.  Their goal is to make guests question reality and their perceptions of the world around them.  The show is brought together by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.  There is even a display for a local Charlotte artist Leonor Demori Neisler which I think is awesome.  I love having a Charlotte artist represented!

One of my favorite exhibits, but I am not telling you any more about it.
I was scared that V would be a bit bored before coming. I was told that the exhibit is a hit for older kids and that she might not "get" it.  WRONG.  The second I gave her the black light flashlight her world was made. While she didn't "get" all the exhibits,the ones she did...she LOVED.

So, here are some photos for you and let's discuss.  
Blacklight sign

 This next one is my new favorite picture. The cages have sound coming through them and words being spoken.  No clue what they were saying and I don't think I want to know.

 This next one is called Columbia.  It looks like a seated child.

When you walk into the room and get closer you see that it is an illusion caused by light, fiber optics, and quartz crystals.  It was really hard not to touch it.  REALLY REALLY HARD.

My FAVORITE exhibit was one that uses strobe lights and Discovery Place made sure to post a HUGE sign outside.  There is also a warning when you first walk into the exhibit.  My phone HATED trying to take a video of this.  Apparently strobes make black lines run down the screen and it is just kind of blurry.  I managed to get a photo.  Hands up if you feel like you are in a Nine Inch Nails video!

I won't ruin the surprise of the couch.  All I will say is sit there for a few sessions.  Just do it.

V's favorite exhibit was the cans with the "bubbles moving up"  Again, another strobe exhibit, but not flashing intensely.  I am pretty sure if you have ever gone to a science museum before you have seen this. The water is in droplets and changes directions.  V loved it though! Kind of hard to see on the picture. Look at the very center can.

Make sure to stand at the screen and get your picture made. I swear I felt like I was in a horror movie with this one. I think I need to watch some more Rom-Com's. It does take a bit to see your photo, but TOTALLY worth it.  Some exhibits I have been to in the past get REALLY busy on the weekends. If you can, try to come on a slower day.  This was really super cool and definitely worth waiting around while it figured it out.

Unfortunately, V is a shorty and I had to pick her up. That is my head peeking out behind hers.  If you want a kid in the picture you MUST have someone else to take the picture for you.  There are no stools around.  You can't really see the picture that well until an actual photo is taken with your phone.

Charlotte artist representing time!  V was enamored with the baseball in the jar.  These jars ARE okay to touch.  The items are in the jar and the bottles have NOT been manipulated. We sat here for a while and I THINK we figured it out.  Even if I think I did, I am still wildly impressed.
The Illusion exhibit runs February 7th through May 10th.  It is free with Discovery Place admission. Currently the rates are $15 for adults (14-59), $12 for children (2-13) or seniors (60+).  If you are a Discovery Place member or under 2, you are free.  (Tax not included)  IMAX tickets added for $5 more.  Contact Discovery Place for group ticket sales.  Phone 704-372-6261 ext 300, or in person.