Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Are you in the market for a deal on an awesome cuddly monogrammed gift?

Being on Facebook has it's perks sometimes. I managed to keep up with friends from high school ::cough cough:: 19 years ago:: cough cough, and even became BETTER friends with some of them. Time and aging really puts a perspective on things, you know?

One of these friends contacted me about her friends shop. She recently started a company named Cuddle Muffin Blankets. I checked them out and quickly sent my friend a message back. 


You can find them on Etsy: HERE as well as Facebook: HERE 

Erin, the shop owner, is a mom of two living in my home town!  She started making these blankets about a year ago and LOVES that she is able to get her creative energy out.  She works with the purchaser and designs the blanket. The design is then printed onto the material through a process called dye sublimation. It doesn't fade and you can wash and dry it!  How cool is that?   (According to Google and Wikipedia: dye-sublimation is a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric.)

As I said these blankets are TOTALLY customizable.  You choose the size 50"x60" or 40"x30" (I got the 50"x60" size), up to four colors, fabric type (fleece or velveteen-I picked that), and let her know if there is a certain "theme".  I saw on her Facebook page that there were lots of sports related/dance related blankets. When choosing the colors, I threw out that V likes unicorns and horses.

After I gave Erin all the info, she worked her magic and sent me my preview!  (This is actually the second preview because I didn't want V's full name on it. Safety first!)

Isn't that adorable? Everything got approved and the info was sent off!  Erin states that it can take up to 3 weeks for the turn around time. Mine was shipped 3 days later.  

The blanket arrived in a nice zipped bag(in a box of course).  I LOVE that.  That would make it so easy to wrap as a gift or store in the closet!  

The size we got was HUGE, but perfect. This size is best for bigger kids or even family blankets.  I could throw all the kids under it provided they were cuddled up next to each other.  Have multiple kids like me? Erin can ever put multiple names on the blanket!

The print work is FANTASTIC.  Very clean lines. Also-this material is SOOOO soft. I would definitely pick the velveteen again.

I was scared that the blanket would loose some softness because of the printing all over it, but you can't tell at all.  If you push the fibers around you can see that every fiber is dyed not coated. Therefore, no change to the texture at all!  The material easily lays back again.

V absolutely LOVES IT. This has been her go-to blanket since we received it.

 She actually said she is never leaving under the blanket ever.

Right now through April 19th 2015, Erin is offering a special deal for my readers. You can save 10% off an order with the code CUDDLEMUF10

I know where I am heading for my next gift. My mom always does talk about being cold...Mother's Day maybe?

I was given a blanket in order to facilitate the review.  Regardless, all opinions and pics are my own.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

JACKPOT! Jackpot Candles that is. Review AND Giveaway!

If you have never seen a candle with jewelry inside, I am PRETTY sure you have to be living under a rock. They seem to be the latest rage and there is a good reason.

Not only do you get a great smelling candle, you get a piece of jewelry!  Jackpot Candles approached me to do a review and I was intrigued.  They are a 100% soy wax candle, which I love, and I had only seen candles with rings before (which don't really work since I have sausage fingers.)  They don't have just rings.  They have rings, earrings, AND necklaces. You get to specify which you want AND if you choose a ring, you can choose a ring size. (6,7,8,or 9)

For me, I picked out a Cucumber Melon candle with a necklace.   I don't wear many rings and necklaces can be worn by me, or swiped by V. Guess what happened. Yep. Hers now.

The Cucumber Melon candle had a really great smell.  Not overly powerful, but strong enough that you could smell it.

I am rather impatient and the ONLY thing that drove me batty was I had no clue where it was in the candle. They don't have markings on the side or anything.  Mine was located right where the top of the label started.  It took close to 5 hours of burning to get to where my jewelry was.

Once I saw it,I got it out and ran to the computer. They have labels on each item. You input that number on their appraisal page to get the value of your item.  It said mine was worth $35

Am I driving you batty yet? Here is what I got!

The large circle part is kind of iridescent.  Sort of hard to get a picture of it.  My camera and phone kept reflecting into it making it different colors.

All in all, a cute candle and it would make a fun gift to give someone since it is essentially 2 gifts in one!  The candles are $24.95 They also sell  wax tarts with a piece of jewelry inside for $15.95 (shipping additional)

Want to win a candle? Enter below! PLEASE play fair.  Also, feel free to like my Facebook page as well as Jackpot Candles page!  (Not required at all, but would be super nice of you.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jackpot Candles supplied me with a candle in order to facilitate the review. All opinions and images are my own.  The necklace is now V's.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I have a Disney Side....do you?

This year I was chosen,again, to host a Disney Side at Home Celebration!  I could not be more stoked.  I had SUCH a blast last year with my friend Michelle. She was chosen as well, so we decided to cohost again.

Unfortunately, this year, the party had to be cancelled. The week before our party, my Gram died.  She would have been 91 tomorrow. She was such a great woman. I am so glad that my kids had a chance to meet her.  

Since then, I have literally had something every single weekend.  Whether it was a sporting event (kids played football so some weekends we were at the field for 5 hours), craft show (weekend at the beach for a conference),or sickness. (V and I had a JOYOUS stomach bug)

So, I technically haven't had a party yet, but was sad that I was sitting on this post for so long. It needed to be written.

In thinking about all that has gone on, my Disney Side, is my family.  I don't NEED a huge party.  I don't NEED a ton of friends over.  What I do need is my family.  I need my kids camped out on the couch watching movies.  I need dinner with my husband (since the kids don't eat anything I make anyway)  I need them. My family is my Disney Side.

Now that I have had a chance to let life settle, I will have the party, but things come with time lines, and this one is drawing close.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram and check out my pictures to watch us celebrate our Disney Side the rest of the month! 

It was actual TORTURE for me to wait until the boys came home to open the box. SO MUCH FUN. I swear I am like a 6 year old opening packages.  I figured it would be cute to have the kids open the box and take pictures.  Didn't happen that way.  It was insanity. This was the only usable picture.

Once the insanity died down, I got some pictures taken. First up, baking, dinner, and tea!  I LOVE TEA. LOVE IT.  Twinings is probably my favorite brand and I love that these are herbal teas.  I am trying to curtail he caffeine addiction that has taken over my life and these are super yummy!

With the Soy Vay Teriyaki I received I made this Teriyaki Chicken slow cooker recipe from Damn Delicious and it was. SUPER easy and super good.  We served it over rice.  The cool thing about it, it didn't even use the whole bottle, so we have plenty left over for next time!

For the amazing Wilton cake pan and Duff Cake mix,I am going to make an Easter cake!  Who says you have to have bunny shaped stuff?  My dad is coming down for Easter this year, and the inside of the cake will be a super cute fun surprise!

Ever since V saw this, she has been claiming that her next birthday will be a Mickey Mouse themed party at the bowling alley.  So.....these are going to be great for her party in the future!  Somehow I don't see Aidan wanting to use them for his 9th party this year.  


Last years party, the take home for everyone was an adorable picture of Mickey and Minnie. This year,with my party being multi-generational, they sent "Tree of Life" family trees.  I am looking forward to completing these with the family.  Eric is VERY big into family trees. I figure we can make one with my parents and then next time I see Eric's parents, fill in their side.

Tons of trivia, coupons, and invites...OH MY!  Again, these will be used at a future party.  There are some luggage tags that are already a hot commodity in this house.  Pretty sure those are going to be prizes at a future get together.

Bags and HP photopaper. Not many people I know actually print off photos any more.  You know who does though?  The local children's hospital.  I gave them leftovers from the party last year and they LOVED them.  I will probably donate these as well.   

Let's call this next picture "V's stuff"  They came out of the box and she claimed them all.  The end.  I now spend my evenings painting her fingers and toes, just to watch her peel it right off.  Repeat the next evening. She loves the yellow and the blue.

Palace Pet, already assimilated with her other toys and requests for more already daily.

Being a mom of three, this has been the most amazing life saver.  I actually ran out of detergent and this box showed up. It was destiny.  I LOVE ALL DETERGENT PACS.  I love not measuring. I love just popping them in the wash.  I love the smell. Did I mention I loved them?  Cause I do.

I haven't tried the Wisk yet, but fully intend to.  Thanks Wisk!

There you have it.  My confession of non-party throwing. My promise to use and share the love for all.  A link to a super yummy EASY recipe. Also-My love for Disney and my Disney Side.  Family.

Thanks to Disney Parks, MomSelect and all the AMAZING suppliers of these great items.  I was given these items in order to throw a party and celebrate my Disney Side. All photos are my own as well as all my thoughts and opinions.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps have a yummy Disney Side!

Being a mom of three, sometimes it is hard to get good HEALTHY food into all three kids.  The middle one especially.  He is pretty much the pickiest child known to man.  

I was hosting a Disney Side party and was looking around for HEALTHY Disney themed snacks for the kiddos and ran across Brothers All Natural. I contacted them and they were gracious enough to send out some samples for the guests to snack on!  

I ended up getting the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Variety pack. In the pack there are three varieties:Strawberry & Banana, apples, and pears. 

When I flipped them over and looked at the back of the packages I was SUPER excited.  Do you know what is in them?  FRUIT.  That is all.  FRUIT.  No nasty chemicals. No added sugar. JUST FRUIT. It also tells you along the top of the bag how many servings of fruit are inside.

V and I decided to test run some before the get together.  We picked Goofy's Strawberry Banana Fruit Crisps to sample.  V was rather intrigued with these.  They looked like strawberries, but didn't.
 She CAUTIOUSLY tried it and liked it! This is actually her trying to take a bit when I yell "SMILE V! Smile!!"  
Here is an example of each type.  You can EASILY tell what they are.  You can even see the seeds on the strawberries and (in person is easier) see the divisions on the banana!
Not sure if I have ever discussed this, but I am pretty sure that I have discussed Nate being in therapy before.  He is INSANELY picky and has food therapy every other week. I threw in a bag of the apples just on a whim.  Didn't tell them they were in there. His therapist told me he said "OH!  What it that?" and ripped open the bag. (She thinks that Mickey being on the bag helped)

He was a bit put off by them at first, BUT then he waited and left it on his tongue and felt it get like a normal apple AND ATE IT.  Now, that may not seem like a big thing to you, but it is.  Nate only eats a handful of things.  HE ATE TWO APPLE SLICES.  She said he loved the "food science" aspect and was really interested in them and liked them!

I love that he liked them and that we now have another portable snack that i can throw into my bag and take with us!

Thanks so much to Brothers All Natural for creating an item that is appealing to the kiddos, tastes great, and it healthy!

I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!  Use the code DisneyParty15 for 15% off your orders!!!

I was provided some Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps in exchange for my opinions and thoughts.  All of those are my own, of course.  Thanks for helping us show our Disney Side even on the inside!  lol

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Meme Box Review! Seeds & Flowers box

**I received this box for free in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Not sure about where you live, but here winter has been pretty darn bipolar.  Case in point.  Today, 70.  Tomorrow, 40. WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?

I am full on ushering the spring in.  I even went out and got spring hair yesterday!
A photo posted by Sarah Dodson (@bumbleflies) on
If that doesn't summon the spring in, I don't know what will.

Since I have been DYING for spring to arrive, when I got an email from Meme Box about doing a review for the "Seeds & Flowers" box I jumped right on it.

If you haven't heard about Meme box before, here is a bit of info. The cool thing about this company is they offer boxes BUT they are NOT a subscription service.  They are an online Korean beauty service. All boxes are put together by in house "experts" and are based on the hottest trends and cult classics in Korea.

So, here's the deal. You head to this page, scroll through, pick out a box, order, and wait for it to arrive. You DON'T have to worry about being charged every month AND you get to try an assortment of items.

In my experience the shipping has been SUPER fast.  This order left Korea on a Friday and I had it either Monday or Tuesday.

Boxes change quickly. This is the second time I haven't been able to find my box on the site after I ordered it.  If you want to check out my first order, go here

In Meme Boxes words "this box is your ticket to the sunnier seasons-antioxidant-rich seeds to protect and strengthen, and flower-infused cosmetics to sooth and heal, for a glowing complexion that will be the envy of all!"

Let's crack it open.

Totally stuffed box.  I like that. I love full sized products! I never feel like there is enough in sample sizes to really figure out if you like something.

First up-YADAH Pure Green Emulsion 120ml ($21)
This has rosemary and chamomile  to soothe and calm the skin and royal jelly to trap in moisture.

I really love it. Super light scent. Absorbs easily. I like to use it in the mornings for light moisture.

Next up- ECHOICE Perfume Body Mist Dear Iris 120ml ($4)
This one was meh for me. I am not a huge super flowery scent girl. I have to be in the mood for it. It didn't smell bad, it just isn't my normal scent. 

 Next in line- SEVENDROPS Moringa Light Sunblock 50g ($38)
This is to be used under makeup or over other skincare products.

It goes on easily,  I just am not a huge fan of the feel.  It leaves a smooth feeling, which isn't bad, but it feels differently than what i am used to. I like to put items on and my skin feel like itself.  This feels...different.

 Next in line_PUREDERM Lavender Collagen Pulp Mask ($2)

I have NOT used this yet.  Here is why.  It says"don't used on blemished skin"
I have had CRAZY stress lately and have stupid breakouts happening. I can't WAIT to use it though!  I have always wanted to use a face mask that looks like a mask. Did you notice that in the picture?  IT LOOKS LIKE A FACE.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and I will post it when I finally use it.  HOPEFULLY soon.

Next, my FAVORITE.  ENESTI Rose Hip Oil Foaming Cleanser 120ml ($15)

You know when you get something and it says "Use a dime size amount." and you think "Yeah, right, you're stupid, a dime size will NEVER work" and you end up squirting out a TON and you finally have enough?

Yeah,no.  This you really use a dime size amount.  It is like magic how well this works.  A dime for my face and neck.  It smells FANTASTIC and I use it every day.  Totally going to reorder this.

It says with gradual use you will get brighter, smoother, and younger skin.  I am hoping this is true!  I am definitely a convert to this.

Last but not least-KSKIN Rose Moisture & Nutrition Facial Cream 100ml ($8)

This smells JUST like roses.  SUPER thick.  I like to use it at night.  For some reason in my head I associate thick creams with night cream.  Directions say you can use it morning, day, and night.  A little bit goes a long way.  At the end of the day, I like putting this on and smelling the rose scent.  Very relaxing.

So, there you have it!  The Seeds & Flowers Box by Meme Box.  I LOVE these kits from them!