Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Are you in the market for a deal on an awesome cuddly monogrammed gift?

Being on Facebook has it's perks sometimes. I managed to keep up with friends from high school ::cough cough:: 19 years ago:: cough cough, and even became BETTER friends with some of them. Time and aging really puts a perspective on things, you know?

One of these friends contacted me about her friends shop. She recently started a company named Cuddle Muffin Blankets. I checked them out and quickly sent my friend a message back. 


You can find them on Etsy: HERE as well as Facebook: HERE 

Erin, the shop owner, is a mom of two living in my home town!  She started making these blankets about a year ago and LOVES that she is able to get her creative energy out.  She works with the purchaser and designs the blanket. The design is then printed onto the material through a process called dye sublimation. It doesn't fade and you can wash and dry it!  How cool is that?   (According to Google and Wikipedia: dye-sublimation is a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric.)

As I said these blankets are TOTALLY customizable.  You choose the size 50"x60" or 40"x30" (I got the 50"x60" size), up to four colors, fabric type (fleece or velveteen-I picked that), and let her know if there is a certain "theme".  I saw on her Facebook page that there were lots of sports related/dance related blankets. When choosing the colors, I threw out that V likes unicorns and horses.

After I gave Erin all the info, she worked her magic and sent me my preview!  (This is actually the second preview because I didn't want V's full name on it. Safety first!)

Isn't that adorable? Everything got approved and the info was sent off!  Erin states that it can take up to 3 weeks for the turn around time. Mine was shipped 3 days later.  

The blanket arrived in a nice zipped bag(in a box of course).  I LOVE that.  That would make it so easy to wrap as a gift or store in the closet!  

The size we got was HUGE, but perfect. This size is best for bigger kids or even family blankets.  I could throw all the kids under it provided they were cuddled up next to each other.  Have multiple kids like me? Erin can ever put multiple names on the blanket!

The print work is FANTASTIC.  Very clean lines. Also-this material is SOOOO soft. I would definitely pick the velveteen again.

I was scared that the blanket would loose some softness because of the printing all over it, but you can't tell at all.  If you push the fibers around you can see that every fiber is dyed not coated. Therefore, no change to the texture at all!  The material easily lays back again.

V absolutely LOVES IT. This has been her go-to blanket since we received it.

 She actually said she is never leaving under the blanket ever.

Right now through April 19th 2015, Erin is offering a special deal for my readers. You can save 10% off an order with the code CUDDLEMUF10

I know where I am heading for my next gift. My mom always does talk about being cold...Mother's Day maybe?

I was given a blanket in order to facilitate the review.  Regardless, all opinions and pics are my own.


  1. This is AWESOME! I'm with V! I would crawl under that blanket and never come out. Okay, maybe for pizza and margaritas. Love the idea of a Mother's Day gift, too. I want this blanket!

    1. Time to start dropping hints to your daughters!!