Monday, March 16, 2015

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps have a yummy Disney Side!

Being a mom of three, sometimes it is hard to get good HEALTHY food into all three kids.  The middle one especially.  He is pretty much the pickiest child known to man.  

I was hosting a Disney Side party and was looking around for HEALTHY Disney themed snacks for the kiddos and ran across Brothers All Natural. I contacted them and they were gracious enough to send out some samples for the guests to snack on!  

I ended up getting the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Variety pack. In the pack there are three varieties:Strawberry & Banana, apples, and pears. 

When I flipped them over and looked at the back of the packages I was SUPER excited.  Do you know what is in them?  FRUIT.  That is all.  FRUIT.  No nasty chemicals. No added sugar. JUST FRUIT. It also tells you along the top of the bag how many servings of fruit are inside.

V and I decided to test run some before the get together.  We picked Goofy's Strawberry Banana Fruit Crisps to sample.  V was rather intrigued with these.  They looked like strawberries, but didn't.
 She CAUTIOUSLY tried it and liked it! This is actually her trying to take a bit when I yell "SMILE V! Smile!!"  
Here is an example of each type.  You can EASILY tell what they are.  You can even see the seeds on the strawberries and (in person is easier) see the divisions on the banana!
Not sure if I have ever discussed this, but I am pretty sure that I have discussed Nate being in therapy before.  He is INSANELY picky and has food therapy every other week. I threw in a bag of the apples just on a whim.  Didn't tell them they were in there. His therapist told me he said "OH!  What it that?" and ripped open the bag. (She thinks that Mickey being on the bag helped)

He was a bit put off by them at first, BUT then he waited and left it on his tongue and felt it get like a normal apple AND ATE IT.  Now, that may not seem like a big thing to you, but it is.  Nate only eats a handful of things.  HE ATE TWO APPLE SLICES.  She said he loved the "food science" aspect and was really interested in them and liked them!

I love that he liked them and that we now have another portable snack that i can throw into my bag and take with us!

Thanks so much to Brothers All Natural for creating an item that is appealing to the kiddos, tastes great, and it healthy!

I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!  Use the code DisneyParty15 for 15% off your orders!!!

I was provided some Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps in exchange for my opinions and thoughts.  All of those are my own, of course.  Thanks for helping us show our Disney Side even on the inside!  lol


  1. Oh!!! We used to get these all the time - might be time to get them back into the rotation.

    1. I was honestly really scared. The boy is VERY resistant to change. Go grab some! These are a lot easier then lugging around a banana and praying it doesn't get mushed in your bag. :) OH SHOOT! Use the code DisneyParty15 for 15% off your purchase!