Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I have a Disney Side....do you?

This year I was chosen,again, to host a Disney Side at Home Celebration!  I could not be more stoked.  I had SUCH a blast last year with my friend Michelle. She was chosen as well, so we decided to cohost again.

Unfortunately, this year, the party had to be cancelled. The week before our party, my Gram died.  She would have been 91 tomorrow. She was such a great woman. I am so glad that my kids had a chance to meet her.  

Since then, I have literally had something every single weekend.  Whether it was a sporting event (kids played football so some weekends we were at the field for 5 hours), craft show (weekend at the beach for a conference),or sickness. (V and I had a JOYOUS stomach bug)

So, I technically haven't had a party yet, but was sad that I was sitting on this post for so long. It needed to be written.

In thinking about all that has gone on, my Disney Side, is my family.  I don't NEED a huge party.  I don't NEED a ton of friends over.  What I do need is my family.  I need my kids camped out on the couch watching movies.  I need dinner with my husband (since the kids don't eat anything I make anyway)  I need them. My family is my Disney Side.

Now that I have had a chance to let life settle, I will have the party, but things come with time lines, and this one is drawing close.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram and check out my pictures to watch us celebrate our Disney Side the rest of the month! 

It was actual TORTURE for me to wait until the boys came home to open the box. SO MUCH FUN. I swear I am like a 6 year old opening packages.  I figured it would be cute to have the kids open the box and take pictures.  Didn't happen that way.  It was insanity. This was the only usable picture.

Once the insanity died down, I got some pictures taken. First up, baking, dinner, and tea!  I LOVE TEA. LOVE IT.  Twinings is probably my favorite brand and I love that these are herbal teas.  I am trying to curtail he caffeine addiction that has taken over my life and these are super yummy!

With the Soy Vay Teriyaki I received I made this Teriyaki Chicken slow cooker recipe from Damn Delicious and it was. SUPER easy and super good.  We served it over rice.  The cool thing about it, it didn't even use the whole bottle, so we have plenty left over for next time!

For the amazing Wilton cake pan and Duff Cake mix,I am going to make an Easter cake!  Who says you have to have bunny shaped stuff?  My dad is coming down for Easter this year, and the inside of the cake will be a super cute fun surprise!

Ever since V saw this, she has been claiming that her next birthday will be a Mickey Mouse themed party at the bowling alley.  So.....these are going to be great for her party in the future!  Somehow I don't see Aidan wanting to use them for his 9th party this year.  


Last years party, the take home for everyone was an adorable picture of Mickey and Minnie. This year,with my party being multi-generational, they sent "Tree of Life" family trees.  I am looking forward to completing these with the family.  Eric is VERY big into family trees. I figure we can make one with my parents and then next time I see Eric's parents, fill in their side.

Tons of trivia, coupons, and invites...OH MY!  Again, these will be used at a future party.  There are some luggage tags that are already a hot commodity in this house.  Pretty sure those are going to be prizes at a future get together.

Bags and HP photopaper. Not many people I know actually print off photos any more.  You know who does though?  The local children's hospital.  I gave them leftovers from the party last year and they LOVED them.  I will probably donate these as well.   

Let's call this next picture "V's stuff"  They came out of the box and she claimed them all.  The end.  I now spend my evenings painting her fingers and toes, just to watch her peel it right off.  Repeat the next evening. She loves the yellow and the blue.

Palace Pet, already assimilated with her other toys and requests for more already daily.

Being a mom of three, this has been the most amazing life saver.  I actually ran out of detergent and this box showed up. It was destiny.  I LOVE ALL DETERGENT PACS.  I love not measuring. I love just popping them in the wash.  I love the smell. Did I mention I loved them?  Cause I do.

I haven't tried the Wisk yet, but fully intend to.  Thanks Wisk!

There you have it.  My confession of non-party throwing. My promise to use and share the love for all.  A link to a super yummy EASY recipe. Also-My love for Disney and my Disney Side.  Family.

Thanks to Disney Parks, MomSelect and all the AMAZING suppliers of these great items.  I was given these items in order to throw a party and celebrate my Disney Side. All photos are my own as well as all my thoughts and opinions.

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