Monday, June 29, 2015

If you are a reader, listen up!!!

Hey guys!

I am actually changing this up a bit and taking a step away from this blog. While I love all the opportunities that have come my way through blogging, I feel like this isn't "my space" anymore.

So, this blog will remain open, you can still contact me through the same email, but I THINK this might be my last post on this blog.

The domain name is changing as well at the end of the month.  I am going to leave this as it is right now, but once the end of July comes, you can reach this blog at this website:

Yep. Old school blogspot for me.
In the same lines, if you are a friend/family member/or just love me, you can follow my new blog over at 
The new blog is going to go back to what this used to be.  Me and the minions.  I MIGHT write about something that I find awesome, product wise. I WILL write about our lives, our trips, my crafts, recipes.  I think this change will be good for me and my brain.
Hope to see you on the flippity flop!