Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Huzzah. We made it to the Renn Fest this year!

Many many many many moons ago, I met my husband. Our first "official" date was at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  We met one week before Halloween on a Wednesday at a concert. That following Sunday, we went to the Renaissance Festival.  That was 14 years ago.  We tried to go at least once every year since then.

After having kids it became trickier. The ground isn't paved.  Pushing a stroller wasn't the most fun.  I did baby wear, but my kiddos never really "got it" until this year.

Going to the Renaissance Festival with a girl that is old enough to voice her opinions is WAY different than taking the boys.  The boys hung out with Eric and did their own thing while V just kinda proclaimed where we were going and we went.  I am glad I let her lead the way.  I probably wouldn't have stopped at some of the places we did if I took charge.

We had a BLAST.  V's mission when we walked inside: Face painting and meet a fairy.  

First show we watched was Gypsy Geoff "Fire Circus Show"  Nate heard fire and was out.  He was worried that he would be set on fire.  V, Aidan, and I marched on down to watch.  (Nate and Eric ended up sitting way in the back to watch)

This show was fantastic!  Gypsy Geoff is an amazing juggler. I loved how he involved the kids in the audience into the show.  He even ended up tipping the little 4 year old that he brought on stage multiple times. If you can't tell from the picture that is a bucket balanced on a chair, balanced on a broom.

We waited in line FOREVER to get this darn face painting. It was relatively cheap, $8.  There are normally two ladies at the stand we went to. One must have been on lunch.  There are other face painting stations further down! Don't be like me and jump on the first one if the line is long to begin with!
One of the most fun things about the Renaissane Festival is the characters just slathered about the festival.  You always find someone, like Esperanza de la Noche. 

 She was recruiting for the Spanish Army and I signed the kids up.  They were VERY attentive listening to her.  After it was done she said "Boot camp starts at 4am tomorrow!!"  Nate was VERY concerned the rest of the day and kept bringing it up.  He REALLY wanted to go to bootcamp and join the Spanish Army. Hahaha.

Oh, and if you are wondering I translated her name "Hope in the Night"

 ****Clown pictures coming!!!  If you hate clowns....SCROLL fast.****

This next show I would NOT have watched if it wasn't for V. I personally LOVE clowns. The husband, not so much.  We saw Marquise and he was telling people to come to the magic show in 15 mintues.  We walked off a bit to kill time and then V says "I am going to the magic show" and walked away. So off we went to watch Fool Hearty.

They were HILARIOUS and my socks matched Ima Nutte's socks.  I felt like we bonded. She was taking hilarious selfies with people and came over and petted me. I had on a cat ear headband. 

We almost left without seeing any fairies,and then we stumbled upon Twig.  DAY MADE.  We tipped her a dollar and V was given a lovely blue stone from Twig.  She was all V talked about for the longest time.  Absolutely the cutest fairy around. The way she interacts with everyone is adorable.
It is open for a few more weeks!

"Each day inside the 25 acre Village of Fairhaven is filled with an abundance of attractions and entertainments for all ages. Enjoy your best day out in history 8 consecutive weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, October and November. Details online at Carolina.RenFestInfo.com"
My readers get to save with your visit! FREE Child Admission! - Receive one FREE child admission for children age 5 - 12 with purchase of one full price adult ticket at Festival gate. Children under 5 are always free. Coupon is valid at the Festival ticket booth! 

I was provided complimentary tickets in exchange for telling you about this awesome event.  All thoughts and trips down memory lane are all my own.