Monday, December 14, 2015

GIVEAWAY!!!! Minecraft Story Mode

I used to live in a world without Minecraft.  My boys talked about it, but we never downloaded it.  For Nate's birthday this year he was gifted a copy on iTunes and our world changed.

Now it is Minecraft ALL THE TIME.  We have it on the computer, on the iPad, phones.  All over. All three kiddos really get into it.

We started seeing commercials for Minecraft Story Mode and the pleading began.  Like magic, I was sent an email offering me a free copy to try AND one to give away!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT.

Minecraft Story Mode is a bit different and super cool.  I have fond memories of "choose your own adventure" books as a child and this is along the same lines.  There is a LOT of reading involved, so kinda hard for nonreaders to enjoy alone. 

It is a five part episodic series that sets you into the world of Minecraft, but introduces new characters and familiar themes, building an entirely original Minecraft experience inspired by the game. You drive the story through the decisions you make: what you say to people (and how you say it), and what you choose to do in moments of thrilling action will make this YOUR story!  Patton Oswalt voices Jesse, the main character in the story.  Rather fun hearing talking in your kitchen.

The game is by Telltale Games and available in numerous forms:  PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, and coming soon to Wii U.  It is also available on Steam!

Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series - Episode 1: 'The Order of the Stone' is rated 'E10+' (Everyone 10+) for Fantasy Violence and Mild Language by the ESRB. Future content in the season is yet to be rated by the ESRB. The series is published by Telltale Games in partnership with Mojang.

What I have for one lucky reader is a Steam copy!  This is great for those last minute shoppers like me who totally forget to buy things for holidays.  Best part about this, you get a code to use online so no traveling to a store! YIPPEE!  WIth this being an episodic series, the entire five chapters are NOT available at once.  When the next part is live, it automatically downloads onto your game, cool huh?  Currently there are 3 of the 5 episodes available.

Want to win?  Here is your chance! PLEASE make sure the email you sign in with is a current one you check regularly.  I will be drawing Saturday morning.  I have the code to email out to a winner.  You MUST check your email.  You have 24 hours to claim it or I am passing it on to the next person.  This contest is good for a copy on the PC.  You will NOT receive a physical copy.  Only a download for the computer on Steam.  You MUST have a Steam account to play.  It is free to sign up. GOOD LUCK!!

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I was given a free copy to review and a free copy to pass on to another.  All thoughts are my own, all kids excitement is also mine.  I claim it. 


  1. All my girls love Minecraft! And they really want Story Mode!

  2. I would like to say I want this for the child but it is just as much for me. Lol

  3. I would like to say I want this for the child but it is just as much for me. Lol