Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ThinkFun gets you ready for the holiday gift giving!

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If you have been a reader here, you know I work with ThinkFun on the regular.  I LOVE their games. My kids are very big into playing games and I love that these actually make them think more than just "move this piece 3 spaces"

For the holiday season I thought I would share with you two of my latest discoveries:
Laser Maze Jr. and Compose Yourself

I was actually at Target perusing the toy aisle and saw Laser Maze Jr. there and thought how awesome it looked.  

From the site:  Your mission: Expertly transport the laser beam to the rockets so that it can safely return to earth! Younger players can now experience the fun of the award-winning game Laser Maze with an age-appropriate design and challenge for grade school children with real lasers. Available at Amazon and neighborhood toy stores.  (Age 6+)

The game is rated for ages 6 and up.  It did take a bit of explaining to get Nate to understand what was going on. He is almost 8.  You REALLY have to think this one through.  Nate does have planning issues (we went to therapy for YEARS and they worked on that), so that could play into his confusion.

Here come the pictures. The game has 40 different challenges from easy to super hard.  The cards have an image on either side.  You get the cards, 5 mirrors, a beam splitter, 3 rocks that stop the laser, and two rockets.
The laser is a legitimate laser, think laser pointer.  It comes out of this area shown. The switch to turn it on and off is TIGHT.  I like that aspect. 
How to play:  You choose a card and slide it into a slit in the board.It tells you where to place the pieces you start with when you look down onto the game board.  THEN on the side of the card, it shows what piece you need to accomplish the task.  Set up is way easier than it sounds.

The object is to light up the rocket ship.
This was the very first card and was relatively easy once you knew how the mirrors worked.  When struck with the laser, it shoots the beam at a 90 degree angle.
 Aidan FLEW through some of the levels.  Once he tried a super hard and got stumped. 
 All in all it is a very fun game that gets the brain working.  The boys were even creating their own challenges for each other.  I even had fun playing this one.  V liked to help set it up, but definitely way too advanced for her. 

You can find this game on Amazon as well as local stores in the toy dept.  It retails for $30

The next game we have today that is awesome for all ages is Compose Yourself.

From the site: Created by world-famous composer and cellist, Maestro Philip Sheppard, Compose Yourself allows anyone to play with music and create a world-class composition.
Arrange the cards in a nice visual pattern, enter the codes on this site and hear your piece played by a full symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. There are over 1 billion melodies you can create!
Compose Yourself brings out the music in everyone, especially children with no musical experience, and builds new thinking skills such as creativity, expression and confidence. Recently profiled in The Wall Street Journal! (Ages 6+)

Not going to lie, I saw this and thought "meh. Might as well." Pretty sure this is now one of my favorites. ANYONE can use this.  It is good for ANY age even though it says 6 and up. You don't have to be able to read/write/or even really understand music and it is still enjoyable.

In the box you get a carry bag and 60 see though cards all with different music notes on them.  You can flip them over and arrange them in a fashion that you find visually enjoyable.
The cards need to be in sets of 4 though.  You can do up to 16 per piece.  For the first time, V picked 8.
 Once you have your cards, you go to the website and enter the codes found on the corners of the cards into the fields.  As you do, the cards pop up on the screen. Ignore all my saved tabs. 

Click play and you end up with this! 

This would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for kids of all ages.  My brother in law is actually a choir director at his church as well as a music teacher.  I am definitely breaking this out when he comes over.  This game retails for $20 and can be found exclusively on Amazon.  As of this posting it was actually selling for $14.99

So there you go.  Two fantastic gifts that would be great to grab for someone this holiday season!

**I received these complimentary in order to facilitate my review.  All pics and opinions are my own and the song is all my 5 year old's doing***


  1. SO AWESOME!! My five year old would LOVE this. He keeps asking me to play her song over and over again. Ha!