Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Produce Box arrives in Charlotte!

Once I became a mom, I started looking more in to what I ate and realized that the diet of my early 20's wasn't very ALL.  I started looking into more veggies recipes and in doing so, ways to obtain said vegetables. I tried a few delivery services but me finding a location near me wasn't always that easy.  Plus, the times weren't always the most convenient. Having three kids makes things a bit of a challenge ESPECIALLY when pick up times are during nap times.  Being a mom, nap time trumps pickup.

I even went the farmer market route when I was selling in the craft barn, but it was hard to break away some days from that area.  Also, I once saw them breaking open packages of strawberries that said the grower was in California and then they packaged them like they picked them in those green papery boxes.  Not cool farmers market lady.  I saw you.

About a month or so ago, I was contacted by a produce company out of Raleigh, NC that was moving into Charlotte.  They asked me if I wanted to check them out and I thought sure, why not.  

The Produce Box is a bit different from other companies out there.  Most of their produce is local from NC.  I say most, because obviously in the winter time, everything isn't from here.  This past week, mushrooms were in a box and they were from Pennsylvania.  The company is VERY upfront on where the items are from and can be seen by clicking on items.  Did I mention that they deliver to your house and it is included in the cost??  How awesome is that?!  You just have to leave a cooler with ice packs on your porch.

It is a subscription service, so there is an annual fee to be a member.  There are a variety of boxes to choose from every week as well as additional add on items: meat, cheese, bakery items, etc. Every week on Fridays the menu is posted and you have until Sunday to place your order.  You can choose from a variety of boxes, create your own box, donate a box to a family in need, or skip a week.  Skipping is a breeze. Just a simply click of a large button.

This past week I actually got a chance to stop by a drop off and see how it works in person.  Chatting with the employees I got an even greater understanding of how fresh it is. During the week, the farmers inform The Produce Box of what they have available. Thursday and Friday the company creates "menus" and builds the boxes. Options are posted on Friday, orders close on Sunday evening, then Monday produce gets picked. Tuesdays boxes are assembled, Wednesday it gets delivered to the Neighborhood Coordinators (their delivery people) Once in their hands EVERY SINGLE ORDER is hand checked (with gloves on).   Any substitutions happen then. If a tomatoes is bruised, it gets swapped.  If you order a substitution, it gets done then. I was insanely impressed with the amount of care going into everything.

I have ordered a few times with them and thought I would show you what I have received! Instead of changing things around, I went with a box as is.  No substitutions or additions.

Both weeks I ordered the sprout box.  Each box arrived with a flyer inside. One side of the flyer has info about the items:  where they are from, how to store them, when to eat them, etc.   I LOVE this, because I literally get stumped every time I go shopping.  I have no clue how to store lettuce correctly.  Now I do!  The back of the flyer has recipe suggestion for the produce.

This week I received:  leeks, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberries, tangerines, and Bibb lettuce. Inside the lettuce clam shell there were two little lettuce heads.  Everything was incredibly fresh and delicious.  Those tangerines....nom.

So, there you go!  If you are living in NC and want to check out this great service, check them out and sign up!  Click here to learn more and sign up. If you use the coupon code HOUSE you can save  $5 on your first order!

**I received some sample boxes in exchange for my review.  All feelings of being healthy and photos are my own


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