Friday, June 3, 2016

I witnessed a miracle at dinner last night.

I started delivery with the produce company I wrote about the other week (yay new job!!!) so we have TONS of veggies in the house.

Last night I made some little fingerling potatoes on the stove.  I kinda fried them up with EVOO and some cajun seasoning.  Nate said "Wow.  Something smells good." and we asked him if he wanted to try it.  


He put it on the fork, smelled it.  Said it smelled like smoke (lol) then he touched his tongue to it, then he ATE IT AND ASKED FOR MORE.  It was a freaking miracle.  I felt like I was watching an animal in the wild.  I was kind of peeking from the corner of my eyes. I was scared to make eye contact or engage him in anyway.

Then he saw some chicken strips I made and said they looked good.  So he ate a piece of mine and said "It's okay".  That's like high praise there.

He already ate his meal before hand, so he didn't want anymore.

I almost died though.  The years of occupational therapy worked!  He actually used the tools he learned in food therapy.  Forever grateful to his therapist.