Hey Look! It's me!

Hey look!  It is me!  I am not in most of the pictures you will see here.  I am currently a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) with two insane boys and a girl!  I also have a BSBA in Marketing.

I craft therefore I am.  I am also a VERY poor blogger.  I want to blog.  I really do.  I have vowed to make this thing happen.

I have a small business that is currently getting off the ground and running.  I sew, knit, and paint.  You can check out my store, BumbleFly~N~ButterBees, here on Etsy.  Or if you are a FaceBook junky like me, click HERE!

Want to email me?  Do that at thehouseofboysandagirl@gmail.com

This is the Husband, Eric.  Eric NEVER smiles in pictures.  If I try to take a smiling picture of him I get a weird look.  I don't know what happened here.  I got a GREAT picture of him!  Maybe I just need to force him to scoop goop from pumpkins more often.

Anyway.  Eric works as an interventional radiologist.  He does the X-rays.  He is NOT the doctor, he sure seems to work the hours of a doctor though.

This man keeps me sane somehow.

These are the kiddos.  Nate(the middle child) on the far left, V(the youngest) in the center, and Aidan(the oldest) on the right. 

If you have three kids, you are aware that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture with them all looking.  This is what you get.

This is Veronica, aka V.  99.9% of her pictures she is giving me "Go to Hell" looks.  Seriously.  She looks at you like she thinks you are scum.  I am determined to get more smiling pictures. 

Apparently the key to that is splashing water!

Well there you have it!  My family.  Awww.

I also have a VERY neglected food blog.  Click HERE to get there! 

I like to talk, a lot. Want to chat?   You can find me over on Facebook.  I am also on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!

Feel free to friend, follow,or stalk. To a reasonable point of course. Don't be showing up in my bushes or anything. ;)

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